Everyone should travel once every year to a place where you have never visited before. Be it locally or internationally, as per your preference or budget. There are a lot of benefits attached to traveling, it builds up your confidence, you get life experience, and you become part of some of the beautiful traditions in the world. These are some of the many benefits you will get once you start exploring new places. Compared to international travel, local travel does not require too much planning and organizing, as if you forget something you can get it easily in the place you are visiting. But if you are going on an international trip there are certain things that you must carry, i.e. you cannot forget about it.

Let’s start with the essential documents you have to carry while traveling Internationally.



Make sure that your passport is not nearing the expiration date. The expiration date should be beyond six months from the date of travel or six months after you land back home, i.e. a minimum period of six months is required before and after your trip. You should also make sure to keep a copy of your passport separately either with someone who is travelling with you or in one of your luggage. These copies come handy and make it easy to get a replacement passport if you happen to lose your passport while travelling. Also, never forget to carry your passport, cross-check before leaving home. Have seen quite a few people who in a hurry forget their passport at home and they have to go all the way back home or ask someone to get it for them, thus wasting a lot of precious time and at the fear of missing the flight. 

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Visa and Air-Tickets

Visa is a small official document which is either stamped or glued to the passport, giving a person the legal right to enter a foreign country for a specific period. There are many countries that provide visa-on-arrival while there are countries where you need to apply for a visa in advance. Hence, it is advisable to get your research done about the visa requirement of your travel destinationYour air-tickets is yet another essential thing to carry while traveling internationally. Like the passport, it is wise to take a copy of the air-tickets with you for safety reasons. Also, if you have booked your return flight do carry a copy of that ticket as well, as there are chances that you need to show your return ticket at the immigration center of certain countries.

Forex (Foreign Currency)

Never travel abroad without carrying some amount of foreign currency with you. It is better to get the currency converted from an authorized dealer as they charge relatively less margin for exchange. Avoid getting your forex from airports as they charge a 5-10% margin while exchanging the currency. Also, make sure that you carry the foreign currency in different mediums apart from cash; you can opt for travel cards or traveller’s cheque. For a safer side and just in case of emergency, activate your credit and debit card for using it internationally. As long as possible, please avoid swiping your debit or credit cards as they have high transaction fees that get charged when used internationally.

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Although not obligatory to carry travel insurance but it is wise to take one, especially on your international travel. One of the reasons to have travel insurance is that in case of a medical emergency at your travel destination, the medical expenses will burn a big hole on your pockets if you don’t have insurance. Hence, it is advisable to get your travel insurance while traveling abroad. Apart from this, travel insurance protects you from other unforeseen risks like losing your luggage, losing passports, or trip cancellation, to name a few. Travel insurance covers plenty of risks while traveling.

Accommodation Details

The Immigration counter in most of the country asks for your proof of accommodation; hence it is essential to carry all the documents related to your hotel bookings or the invitation letter from your friend or family with you while travelling internationally. Usually, people book accommodation in advance; people like to use Adotrip’s AI Circuit planner tool for getting more details about the hotels or other places to stay, which will make their trip enjoyable and stress-free. 

Power Adapter

Power Adapter is one thing which most people tend to forget to carry while travelling abroad. Hence, before packing, do some basic research on what type of outlet is used in your visiting country and accordingly purchase or borrow one for your trip. Power Adapter is essential for charging all your electronic devices which indeed have become an essential part of our life, whether we are travelling or not. 

First-Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is essential for all types of national and international travel. Your first aid kit should comprise of all the necessary medication for fever, dysentery, acidity, allergy meds, sanitary pads, band-aids for small injuries as well as antiseptic spray or cream for swellings. Apart from this, do carry all the necessary medication prescribed for your pre-existing medical condition.

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Other necessities

Other essentials include your Camera to capture the memorable moments whilst travelling, comfortable shoes to wear, a portable phone charger and other toiletries which you need to have while travelling. Do check the blogs at Adotrip wherein you will get more information about must-have travel essentials as well as cool packing hacks information. You can also checkout Bottles from vaya, which can also transform into a sleek, handy water bottle or a thermos flask. Drink stays warm upto 12 hours.

Travelling should be a joyful experience, and hence a little planning ahead of time would only save you from travel stress and make your trip more memorable. Get great holiday packages with Adotrip and do check AI Circuit planner tool that will ensure you have a smooth travel experience.

Happy Travelling!


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