Travel, an escape to the Ecstasy of life. We all have been wondering to be everywhere all our lives and only a few can live it to the fullest, checking all of our bucket-list. Human beings are brought up in such a way that they forget nothing but life. I still remember the first time I saw the mountains and it is a memory that will remain with me forever. We all have a friend who is in love with traveling and finding a gift for such a person is really very difficult. Most of the time we land on buying travel kits for them, Agree? I am sure that those are old ideas now. Today I am here with a great exciting gift option for all those travel lovers outside.

What do you think is the best way to memorize a trip? We take pictures there but don’t you think pictures are a bit materialistic? As they say, a capture once missed is always regretted. Now is the time when more people than ever are turning towards art and creativity, why should we be left behind? I’m talking about handmade portrait paintings from photos. Yes, you can gift your travel buddy a beautiful hand-painted portrait from his last trip but where can you get these? I am surely here to help. Watch out!!

BookMyPainting is one such place where you can find all those amazing artworks at the best prices. they have a variety of art styles available from which you can choose your best ones. They even have all kinds of sizes. They are a technology-enabled platform on which you can easily book a painting like booking a ticket for your next trip. All you got to do is to select the size, choose the art style and send them the pictures of your loved ones. Gee! You will get your painting delivered at your doorstep with Free Shipping!

Are you confused on which occasions you can give your loved ones these beautiful masterpieces? I would suggest every occasion is perfect for this but here are some recommendations on which you must try this great gift of a lifetime.

1. Christmas

Christmas is certainly one holiday in the year which is all about gifting people. We plan out gifting for months and try to be the best giver of the day. This Christmas you should definitely try buying a stunning charcoal sketch for your travel buddy as his Christmas gift. You can get a picture of him in the mountains and get a photo of a charcoal sketch. All the charcoal sketches are prepared with raw charcoal and can achieve superb contrast in the pictures. The charcoal sketches from photos are a great option for dark monochromatic walls as decoration.

2.Wedding Gift

Is your travel buddy marrying his Travelmate? If the bride and groom both are travel enthusiastic, you can just get the pictures from the last trip and combine them into an oil portrait painting. These Royal portraits are famous for their life-like realism. Oil painting is one of the oldest techniques in the ancient period. Oil Paintings are a good option if you have light-colored walls in your bedroom I want to do something classy with the decoration. The bride and groom will be awestruck seeing their wonderful Oil painting on canvas and you’ll be the most special guest on their wedding day.

3.Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is surely a celebration of your love for your loved ones. do you have a travel crazy life partner and you are not very sure what to give them on this valentines? Here is your golden opportunity. Do you like graphite pencil sketches surely you do but what if I tell you you can get all those pencil sketches in color too? Pencil color sketches are made with color pencils and contain the detailing and the shading texture of pencil sketches in them. These are the only color sketches available. You can get their childhood picture in which they have been with their parents and get it converted into a Pencil Color Drawing. This Valentine‚Äôs Day treat your Valentine with this.


Birthday is one such occasion when a whole day is dedicated to a single person that’s the birthday guy or girl. This birthday for your travel buddy and get the most out of the box idea among gifting the handmade paintings too. Watercolor painting is an ancient art from China and Japan and is famous for the artistic approach of the depiction of the subject. Watercolor paintings have different artistic backgrounds which will make you fall in love with them again and again.


Traveling is something that connects ourselves with none but us. You should definitely try traveling more and feel the difference in yourself. Your travel buddy is going to jump out of bed seeing their pictures into paintings. make sure you record their reactions seeing pending for the first time and share it with everyone. Let me know in the comment section what was your favorite art style?

Happy Travelling!


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