Have you ever thought of a one-stop beauty destination working towards all your beauty and fitness needs together? When it comes to a proper spa regime, a gymnasium, fitness center, beauty salon or a diet expert, we find ourselves hopping between places and get nowhere. HSR Layout considered as the dazzling realty hotspot of modern Bengaluru has a new name in the surrounds, I have been there few months back for an official visit and tried the services of this salon. There team of beauty experts call themselves a ‘spalon’ having all of the above under a single roof, headed by three industry experts. Inspired by the luscious freshness and perennial beauty of a winter plum they call it Plum n Sugar.

Why Plum N Sugar

Plum N Sugar

Internationally Trained Staff

PnS is the perfect destination offering you all the beauty secrets and treatments under internationally trained staff and professional experts. Be it the luxurious spa or certain skin care treatments that are of high safety standards and to be conducted with immense care and also under expert supervision. The staff are highly trained and treat you with extra-ordinary courtesy and gesture.

Skin Care Treatments 

When the appalling tricks and gimmicks of Cosmetology are shaking the world, you are not to leave behind. There are more means to aggrandize your beauty than you can imagine. So here are four iconic style makeovers at your doorstep that can bring the best beauty in you.

  • Micro-bladin

This may sound a little scary but it is the quickest and most hassle-free regime you can follow for the perfect eyebrows you always fantasised. 

Unlike tattooing that is painful with needles cutting down to you epidermis, this is a quick semi-permanent method of getting fuller eyebrows. With Microblading you may change the shape and strength without damaging or virtually affecting your eyebrows. 

Micro-blading is a delicate method of 10-12 very sharp rat-tail comb-like needles lightly brushing pigments into the pores of your eyebrow skin. Though it sounds pretty simple but while going through the three stages of cleaning and preparing the skin and the brows, the numbing of skin with branded topical ointment, and then the most crucial stage of needling and pigmentation, you definitely need professional and trained experts to craft the best beautiful eyebrows on you. The even more important stage is the aftercare where if not cared properly, one may be exposed to rashes, skin allergies and discomfort. With a top-up session, the process may last up to 6-8 weeks only, whereas your semi-permanent eyebrows will continue on your face for up to 18 months before it fades away.

PnS Micro-blading Experts explain and guide you through the whole process ensuring that you don’t end up in any sort of pain or discomfort. They consider that along with the needling process the pre and post care is equally important, for which they will prepare your skin to go through the process and also inform you all the do’s and don’ts you need to follow for the process to settle down on your face easily. They are also looking towards making it the least painful for their customers by properly numbing the skin before beginning the procedure. The numbing of skin is also followed in between at frequent intervals to ensure the procedure is as smooth as possible.

  • Inner Liner Tattoo

When it comes to fuller, bolder and beautiful eyes, there are techniques women have followed since ages. Until we got better alternatives with lash extensions to make it up for every different occasion, women have been solely dependent on liners before every single hangout. 

At the third gen eyes are still the most attractive part, one loves to admire and adore, and hence the most experimented of all. Those who love their eyes and always want to beautify them before any occasion have a good news for them. 

PnS brings them the tattooing technology to get semi-permanent liners that last for upto 2-3 years before fading away. This hassle-free procedure is simple and easy, once done by experts and professionals. The idea is to insert micro color pigments by brushing fine hair-like strokes into your eyeline and inner lid with the help of finest needles. It may sound scary as it gets closer to your eyeballs, but its just a scratch and you are done even before you realize. 

 What really matters is which color you choose and how dense you want it to be. Also the shape of the liner changes the shape of your eyes, so in case you want to pick up a style that you can’t just wash off the next morning, you need an expert team to help you out. 

Plum N Sugar

  • Micro Infusion Facial

Out of all the beauty treatments to help you out with a complete makeover and be gifted with a flawless, anti-ageing skin, Micro-Infusion is the most talked about. This is a customized process of detecting all the limitations of your skin, and correcting them by infusing very fine needles micro-channeling into the superficial layer of your skin, and injecting liquid formulation of Glutathione. 

The combination and formulation often depends on expert analysis of your skin type, the shades and different skin tones, irregular bumps and ridges on your skin, open pores, dryness or oil content of your skin, wrinkles or any other problems your skin might be facing. 

All of these are to increase the production of collagen or so that your skin can release brand new collagen. Collagen is the protein essential for your skin to keep it fresh, flawless and youthful. 

PnS expert team gets to understand nature of your skin and offers you the right treatment for the perfect and glowing skin ever. PnS Micro Infusion Facial :

  • Reduces Hyper-pigmentation
  • Makes skin firm and plump
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Reduces larger pores
  • Controls oil secretion of skin
  • Corrects sunken, saggy and wrinkled skin 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal technology is a procedure to remove unwanted or excessive hair on your face or body by passing laser rays through the skin, which turns to heat and destroys the hair follicle below the skin. With life getting busier everyday, people are trying to get permanent solutions to waxing, threading, hair removal which requires repetitive service in every alternate week. 

It is a quick process generally, but the heat is at times causing discomfort to thinner skin areas. The hair is first removed and the skin area cleaned after which the heat from the laser passing through is absorbed by the melanin in the skin follicle. The heat damages the follicle to certain extent and the sessions thus repeated few times at certain intervals permanently cause hair loss at the targeted areas.

PnS takes care of proper cooling during the process to reduce discomfort caused by heat. Also, the team guides you through the aftercare and the high attention and care your skin needs for 24 hrs after the treatment session.

Rg Beauty Lounge, HSR Layout Sector 2 - Beauty Spas in Bangalore - Justdial

Luxury and Big 

One of the biggest salon of south of Bangalore with a huge area for salon and separate rooms for body massage, pedicure, manicure and other relaxing salon.

A Variety of Massages And Facials

A variety of massages and salon services including sports massage, cupping therapy, facial cupping which hardly any salons in Bangalore has.

More Than 50K Happy Clients in Last decade

One of the oldest salon of HSR Layout maintaining and attended over 50K satisfied clients in last 10 years and still counting.


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