Whenever I sit with my cousins and turn the pages of that year-old album, I realize the importance of printed photos. This album always wins my heart as it makes all of us back the memory lane and enjoy the moment once again. Where digital photos are a swipe away, you tend to spend a longer time on a single printed photo discussing the story again and cherishing that moment. And during this Corona time, we all had ample time to travel to that memory lane once again and feel the same joy and contentment we had years ago. 


Printed photographs have now only taken the form of wedding albums and wall frames, I feel. Earlier, it was a little different; we used to capture our memories on a paper that lasts a lifetime with stories and emotions intact. These printed pictures tell a story that we have lived.






I am a Travel Blogger and of course, have thousands of pictures of every place and every memory. During this lockdown, I planned to print my selected pictures and give them a special place in my heart, but I wanted something compact that is not just beautiful but durable as well. I browsed through a few websites and found the best one to capture my fond moments for a lifetime. Zoomin delivered a compact album of my pictures with a beautiful cover page in just a week’s time. The paper quality, picture quality, and of course, the price were great!!


Product Details:

Hardcover Photobook 5.5: Pricing Starts from INR 499

  1. Start with 20 or 32 pages. Add more photos while customizing
  2. Choose between Premium Matte or Premium Non-tearable Glossy
  3. Customize using Layouts, text and cover options
  4. Professionally bound and High quality


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