Himachal Pradesh has considerably earned a huge amount of respect when it comes to mountains and especially from the trekkers and adventure lovers from across the country. Himachal Pradesh is home to almost 300 trekking trails in India. Out of all the trekking trails in the country, Hampta Pass serves as one of the best treks because of the diversity with which it is surrounded. For every wanderer and travel enthusiast, this trek tops their bucket list. Looking for fixed departures? You can try trekmunk. You can find nature’s love everywhere but Hampta Pass is where this love adds up along with affection.

Standing tall at an elevation of 14,000 feet above the mean sea level, Hampta Pass is the best trek in Himachal Pradesh when it comes to beginners. The difficulty varies from easy to moderate and one can choose this trek as their debut in the Himalayas. The total trekking distance is approximately around 25 kilometres which demands a time duration of 5 days. The trail of Hampta Pass is something that makes this trek so delightful. The varying surrounding meandering through green meadows, followed by a snowy blanket of land accompanied with gushing streams and beautiful waterfalls add up to the charm of the trek. This is the reason why this trek is the most revenue-generating trek of Himachal. The best time to visit this trek is during the months of June, August and September. July can be avoided because during the monsoon there are landslides and the trail is very slippery.

Generally, the emanating point of the trek is Manali. One can reach Manali easily via roadways and airways. You can find a regular streak of buses from Chandigarh and Delhi. The air network is also very decent. You can get regular flights to Bhuntar and from there you can take a cab for a comfortable journey to reach Manali. 2 hours drive from Manali takes you to a place called Jobra. Jobra is a beautiful valley situated high at an elevation of around 10,000 feet. Traversing through the assorted forests of maple, pine, oak and silver birch; you will find yourself surrounded with absolute beauty and delight. Stacks of diverse flora will transmit you to a whole nother level of ecstasy. Aligning with the sheep and mules and passing through various broken huts, you will finally find Chika warmly welcoming you at an elevation of 10,100 feet. Believe or not, Chika campsite is one of the most beautiful campsites in the whole country.

Passing along the Chika campsite, you can witness picturesque views of the renowned Dhauladhar range. The highly alleviated snow-laden series of peaks will cast a spell on you and you will surely be spellbound by the astounding views in the vicinity. Few hours into the trek, you will find a stream consisting of freezing cold icy water. This stream is called Rani Nallah and crossing this stream will surely be a thrilling experience for you. Crossing this stream and following the trail, you will the Jwara campsite. As the fiercely reddish-orange ball of burning fire makes its way behind the high mountain peak, the complete meadow takes an orange leap and slowly fades into grey at dusk.

Further advancement into the trek will proceed you to Balu ka Ghera campsite welcoming you at an elevation of around 12,000 feet. The ascent is gradual and steep and this part of the trek seems to have a higher difficulty level. Irrespective of the ordeal, the blooming flowers and gushing water bodies will keep entertaining you so that you don’t even realise any kind of difficulty in trekking. Exploring the Balu ka Ghera, further advancement of the trek will take us to the Siaguru campsite. Here, the temperatures are at their minimum with respect to the whole trek. The trail is also considered to be very difficult because everything will be in frozen condition here. You can witness shepherds returning back to Lahaul valley along with their sheep. The two astounding mountain peaks of this region namely Deo Tibba and Indrasen will be a view that will be very close to your heart. Following the trail for a few hours, you will finally reach the Hampta Pass. The whole journey will be an adventure and thrill of a lifetime. The ordeal and pain will surely be worth it at this point. And one thing for sure, you won’t ever look back in life from here on.

Hampta Pass is undoubtedly the best trek in Himachal to start your relationship with the mountains. The love and happiness that this trek provides will compel you to surge more and more mountains in the future. When you realise the calling from the mountains, the prime option is to answer that call and I bet you are never gonna cease that call. This calling is something that will change your life entirely. Your way of seeing things will change and you will be ready to take up any ordeal in life.

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