Ever felt that excruciation when you mistakenly deleted your image bank or your important data like password of your secret dating apps, lock number of your house or your girlfriends numbers?  Jokes apart, losing data could be an accident, for which, you must have surely tried n number of ways to recover. But there is a great possibility that you have yet not found the best and most satisfactory option to do so.  It’s a boon to know the ways to restore and recover windows data without any redirecting websites that make your windows system vulnerable to viruses, further increasing the chances to damage them in latent and unknown ways. Apart from windows, most of us rely on saving images, documents, videos and other things that we think are important for us, either emotionally or professionally. But there are times, when we feel that technology has deceived us.  Often after the tragic loss of data, people think of different ways to retrieve it from hard drive disk, MACbook, IPhone or Windows. Stellar has user friendly software to recover data with ease and even migrate them from various mailboxes and handy notes to more official MS Outlook or Office Outlook 360.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lost Data’s Recovery

  • How can I get back my files 100%. Can deleted data in Windows 10 be recovered?  
  • Can I restore something data files that have been permanently deleted?  
  • If I deleted data from my hard drive, can I recuperate it?
  • If I want to retrieve data from an old device that I totally cleared, to sell it off as good as new,  how can I get that data back?
  • My daughter just pressed delete on all the images which were saved on my SD card. Can I ever get them back?
  • I want to view a CCTV recording from the previous week, which my senior had deleted. Can I get it back anyhow?

The answer is Yes.  After a lot of research and development, 25 years ago, Stellar came up with a software called Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. It has been tried and tested with great companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Citibank, Amazon, Coca-Cola (to name a few) to prove beneficial for people who have been sulking over lost data and important files.  At least one of you must have let kids in your room to fiddle around with your laptop and found files permanently deleted or tampered with. No need to panic over it, as you can totally rely on the software of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to be your data recovery God.

Features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Its live preview features help the users to retrieve deleted data from external hard drive easily and quickly. It has a wonderful graphic user interface, which gives you a preview of the recoverable files. It also provides bootable disk,  which works as a miracle when the original hard drive fails to boot up. It works with camcorders, drones, CCTV and all user interfaces plus operators of phones. You can restore up to 4K videos.


You can use this miracle working software in 3 simple steps:

  • Select: Pick the files and folders,  whether audio, video, images or Microsoft office documents,  which you wish to recuperate.
  • Scan: After selection of the files, the software’s work starts. It scans every location on your device to recover the data.
  • Save: select a location to save the files that Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery has recovered for you.

It is that simple!  You do not even need much of technical help to do this.  All you need to do is buy the software which serves to mollify your grief of loosing data, and turn it to joy of finding it back!

There are other software by Stellar which you can try, as it is declared safe to use with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications. You can use File Repair,  Data Erasure and Data Migration, apart from data recovery software by Stellar.  


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Team InstaTravelStyle was invited to attend Stellar Bloggers Meet. It was an amazing bloggers engagement event which offered us an immersive experience into the world’s best Data Care solutions through live demo’s. Below are the few pictures from live demo sessions.









Stellar Data Recovery


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