Hey mates! I am Aastha, a travel blogger from India. I simply love travelling and journeying towards the isolated areas has always proved to be ‘one of a kind experience’ for me. This year was something different as I decided to participate in an expedition to the unspoiled beauty of RARA Lake, Nepal with WOO Adventures! Have a look at my whole journey with them and some of the travel tips that I would like you to read and keep in mind while planning your expedition to the beautiful RARA Lake.

How it feels to be a part of the RARA expedition with WOO?

RARA expedition with WOO


Who said you can only witness heaven once your life is over? That’s not true! You can experience the heavenly beauty while being alive too and that is nowhere but at RARA Lake, Nepal. Well, I know majority of my readers would be quite unfamiliar with this destination since it prevalently stands out as an unspoilt one by many travellers. But, no worry!

There is no need for you to specially search about RARA Lake on Google since I am going to give you a deeper insight into the most perfect travel guide to RARA Lake situated in Nepal.

WOO Adventures….. What is it? Thinking the same right. It is an Overlanding troop which I accompanied during my first ever expedition to RARA Lake. This is the first ever expedition not solely for me but also for India. Yes, this is apt! WOO Adventures has become the first ever adventure troop from India to put up its footsteps at this mesmerizing destination and it is thus, no less than a history creator now. Undoubtedly, I am the luckier one to be a part of this journey.


RARA expedition with WOO


So, presently I am not at all able to get over with the huge amount of memories I gathered while being at RARA Lake with WOO. Also, it is truly impossible for me to hold on even for a moment as I am highly excited to share my travel experience with my readers. I am quite sure you are going to enjoy reading it and just in case, you are proficient in imagining the scenarios- it’s perfect!

RARA expedition with WOO

It’s going to be fun, trust me! What all can you expect from this post includes the following:

  • The most interesting part- abundant clicks from the RARA Expedition right from the commencement of this trip till its conclusion.
  • Good number of travel tips that I am going to suggest you from my personal experience while being here.
  • A brief intro about what exactly WOO Adventures is and why I opted them for this ultimate expedition.
  • How did I and WOO meet? (Unexpected meetings be like! Haha)
  • Quoting and other suggestions/experience talks from my travel mates.

Well, the above is just a summarised intro about my whole write-up! The things I am going to mention here are much more.  Let’s start from the very beginning then. Read on….

Always heard about adventure, but I was never into it before I got introduced to WOO Adventures. But, now I am completely believing on the fact that everything’s destined for a reason and presently, Overlanding expeditions are gaining my attention like anything!

RARA expedition with WOO


Thinking about the reason why I opted WOO for RARA expedition and what exactly is this group into? I have an answer…

Personally, I am not a social bug and thus being present on the varied social media platforms was in my everyday schedule but for the least number of minutes. However, one fine day, I was indulged in scrolling my Instagram handle and there, I had a look at the advertisement showcasing that WOO Adventures is inviting some like minded travelers to participate in their RARA Expedition. On seeing it, the sole thought that struck my mind was ‘That’s impressive’! Waiting no more, I hit the follow button and on witnessing such a huge following I was even more excited to be a part of this trip.

We met on Instagram, you can say! I filled up the booking form and the amazing thing is that its travel experts, replied in less than an hour. Well, these are truly a savior since I am already an impatient human. The highly cooperative behavior and commendable communication skills of Mr. Girish Vats accompanied with a huge knowledge about such expeditions increased my trust on them in no time.

If you are intending to associate with WOO Adventures, you can have a look at their Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/wooadventures/

“We have an eminent group of travel experts who will always be there to assist you at every step during the journey”, said Mr. Girish and hearing such a promising statement gave me a sigh of relief. Well, not only words matter until you get to experience the same. But, risks are meant to be taken. I took it and these risks ultimately transformed into enjoyment when I participated in this expedition.

RARA expedition with WOO


On entailing what exactly WOO Adventures is…

It is much more than merely a short definition, but I think it would be perfect to explain you about it. But, in order to get more information. You are free to check out their website as well.

WOO Adventures, on expanding is considered to be World of Overland Adventures that works with an intention of providing the most perfect and best suited Overlanding, Trekking and Wildlife expeditions to varied travellers in India and beyond.

Here are some of the most obvious reasons explaining why I opted to travel with them:

  • The most important- cost effective rates! They were under my budget and did a justice to my savings.
  • WOO team has abundant knowledge about this trek. The way they were handling everything was amazing!
  • They are quite experienced and have already successfully completed good number of Overlanding, trekking as well as wildlife expeditions before.
  • Over landing is genuinely a very distinct concept and I was highly impressed on knowing about it!
  • The team is quite professional and is flexible at the same time when it comes to the travel arrangements. They know what to do and when which gave a sense of confidence to me!
  • They love to be a helping hand! Each and every trip they are undertaking is done with an intention of society upliftment. ‘Responsible Tourism’ is what they always believe in.


RARA expedition with WOO


RARA Lake is surely a treat for each and every traveller who is looking forward to have a serenity filled adventurous trip! Such is the beauty of this magical lake.

Imagine a large water body with pristine water, peaceful environment bounded by the lush green alpine trees, mighty mountains and forests. Done? This is RARA Lake. It is stunning, heart-stealing, serene, commendable, praiseworthy, adventurous, pristine, ravishing, amazing…… these are not enough! If asked to define this lake, the words would be endless. Considered to be the biggest lake in Nepal, RARA Lake lying at a high elevation of 2,990 m (9,810 ft.) above sea level, this water body never leaves even a single chance to leave its visitors awestruck with its plethora of mesmerizing characteristics.

RARA expedition with WOO

Some travel tips from my side…. Just in case you are intending to visit this unexplored site:

Without any doubt, an expedition to RARA Lake is ‘one of a kind experience’ for every traveller. Talking about my personal experiences, I am ready with some travel tips and ‘must know information’ that you should keep in mind before heading towards RARA Lake, Nepal.

  • Climatic conditions at RARA Lake are sometimes cool and sometimes hot. Afternoons are moderate but early mornings and midnights are cool. Thus, I would advise you to carry layers of clothes along with you!
  • Music is what keeps us calm. Thus it is better to carry your own playlist in your cellphone or pendrive since you are going to listen the Nepali songs in the transportation you will be travelling there!
  • You can expect a luxurious five star property till Nepalgunj! But after that, you should get ready for some night stays in the dormitory styled guesthouses.
  • Get used to eating rice during your expedition and this is because chapattis are not easily available there. You can also carry ‘Chow-chow’ (noodles) and some dry fruits with you to the RARA Lake. These are available at every local shop before entering into the premises of this lake.
  • You are going to drive on a good number of bumpy roads and thus, you should be all set to experience the same. I enjoyed each and every bit because I don’t think a place could be more adventurous than this!
  • Do carry each and every important object with you while planning your journey. The same would be provided by WOO Adventures so that you don’t fall short of anything there.
  • Rains in and around RARA Lake are quite unpredictable, thus you must carry an umbrella or a raincoat along with you before heading towards the RARA Lake.

RARA expedition with WOO

So, this is an explanation about my RARA expedition with WOO Adventures. Seeing this wonder with my own perspective and feeling each and every element present there has cherished memories for the lifetime!

Want to know what my travel mates have to say about this journey? Have a glance further….


RARA expedition with WOO


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