During this time, when the world is under tremendous pressure of Covid-19, where people are doing their best with social distancing, self-protection and quarantining.

What else is more important throughout this heavy pandemic?

You don’t suffer financially, mentally & physically. With no job routine or other enormous extra activities, you’re pretty much left with nothing else to do.

So, I guess this blog will surely sort you out!

Keep reading to find multiple things that you haven’t even thought of doing during a lockdown.

For Social Media Freaks

  • Become a social media influencer (if that’s what you always wanted but couldn’t get enough time to invest)
  • Create memes to keep everyone in your list entertained (if you love to share funny memes, why don’t you create one)
  • Come live on your social profiles and share your views about the current situation with your friends.
  • Make new friends who can help you learn new things and share crazy ideas.
  • Look for better job opportunities (in case you’re already bizarre from your current job).
  • Play games on Youtube and create a gaming channel
  • Share your daily food photos & videos on social food groups. People would love to see and comment.
  • Join different groups on social media and interact their.

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For Beautiful Housewives

  • Share your WOW recipes on the internet and let everyone know how good you cook.
  • Host a restaurant-style family dinner. Where they could feel like being in a restaurant, which they can’t go in real due to Coronavirus.
  • Treat yourself with awesome health care routine every day.
  • Prepare home masks, scrub, and cleanser with your kitchen ingredients (those are far better than expensive shop-bought products).
  • Watch cooking shows/videos to improvise your cooking skills.
  • Alter your loose clothes, or stitch news ones to wear when this lockdown gets over.
  • Help your kids with their homework and online learning.
  • Spend quality time with family (especially kids who’re always busy with their jobs and friends).
  • Take online sewing, yoga, dance, cooking classes to master your skills.

For Online Money Makers

  • Take online paid surveys from survey sites (earn money by just answering a few questions).
  • Teach an online class through video and students will pay you for that. For eg: Udemy, PracticalCoding, Unacademy
  • Get involved in online challenges on social networks and win amazing giveaways.
  • Play online games on several sites and get paid for it.
  • Do freelancing. Although, companies have asked their employees to work from home. But now that you have more time, you can do freelancing work.
  • Sale your art. For example, if you’re good at paintings, photography and crafts. You can sell them online at ArtFinder, Vango etc.

For All Time Gamers

  • Knights of the old republic has always been into my favorites.
  • Now is a great time to play all the pending games that you once thought to play.
  • Play Fortnite all night
  • Ludo is highly trending on the internet. Did you play it yet?
  • Facebook’s 8 ball pool is so on point as well.
  • It’s not necessary that you only play online games. You can play UNO with your siblings or cousins.
  • Game of Thrones can be a nice choice.
  • James Bond (not the real one, I’m talking about a game here).
  • And hey, I heard people recommending Dragon Ball Z is awesome.
  • Play Alien (Isolation Saga)

Few Random Things

  • Play Tic-Tac-Toe in your leisure time.
  • Clean up your entire house and wardrobe.
  • Redecorate your room with your artwork.
  • Get your hands on the latest released movies on Amazon Prime and Netflix that you’ve been wanted to watch.
  • Learn new languages than you already know – Download Duolingo
  • Learn makeup by following MUA tutorials.
  • Exercise. Your body needs some workout.
  • Plan Karaoke nights online with your friends.
  • Make cool & podcast videos of your family members which can be a nice memory of your quarantine.
  • Imagine your future self and work for it – Start writing daily dairy!

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43 Things to Do While Stuck Inside Due to Coronavirus



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