The Coronavirus lockdown has come unexpectedly and people didn’t get enough time to plan for the days ahead. Moreover, many plans to go on a trip, partying, or get together have been called off as of now. People have always been craving for such ‘days at home’ doing nothing but when the time has come they actually need to look for ways to kill the time. 

Here are some tips and options to spend time during Coronavirus Lockdown like a Pro!

Find the bookworm in you!

No one can deny that reading gives the much-needed relaxation and a reason to escape from the hustle-bustle of the outer world. Use yourme-time and choose books from of your choice. Reading books would make you smarter and more empathetic.

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Play Games

This lockdown has brought the culture of indoor games alive. Ludo and carrom are everyday tales now. Once you are done with work from home; you can sit with your family and play a round or two. You can also buy Playstation 4 Games online and gain new experiences. These games are available online on Amazon and Flipkart. 

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Do Exercise & Meditation

Develop a habit to do physical activities in these days. Start from today and you will get to see the results by the end of this lockdown. Do yoga or join online classes and workout at home. Follow influencers on social media and check out the guidance and tips to find the best for you. This workout would be the real fun with family!

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Learn a new craft or skill

Adding on to our skills is never a bad idea. Use this time to enhance your skill-set. Thousands of online courses are available these days; choose any that matches your interest.

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Be a Desi Chef!

We often complain that we do not get time to cook and test our cooking skills! But this quarantine has given us ample time to step into the kitchen and work with the scoop. Watch YouTube videos, check out recipes and try something new. Let you family have the opportunity to relax and savour the new dishes.

Find Time to treat yourself

Over these three weeks, do some self-care. Give yourself a head massage, soak your feet in the lukewarm water, and treat your skin with gentle lotions. 

Don’t quarantine your creativity!

Unleash your creative mind during this leisure time. Paint, Write a Blog, Join online Calligraphy Classes, Learn to play guitar online and yes, you can start making a video podcast! There is so much to do; just find what matches your interest and let the creativity flow.

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Escape with a good film

We have been always mentioning to watch that series or movie when we will get time, so let’s recall all the names and binge watch them all during these lockdown days. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and others are the easiest options with some of the great options available in varied genres.

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Get Organised and Give your home a makeover

This can be really a good time to check on the arrangements of your house. Check if you can do something with the décor while staying at home that will give a fresh look to your home. Move tables and sofas, change the place, try new combinations. This would not just reboot the home feel but will also burn a few calories. 

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Let us make sure that during this lockdown, things keep going and bring a positive transformation when this is over.

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