As soon as the marriage dates are announced, the first question that pops up in a couple’s mind is “where to go on a honeymoon”? The curiosity of the relatives and friends to know the destination and suggestions pile up. The couple end up having a list of places best suited for their honeymoon. However, Thailand wins hands down, as it tops the list for honeymoon destinations, anytime!

Honeymoon is the most “looked forward to” vacation time for a newly married couple. Though you might have been to many places on vacations, Honeymoon always has a special place in the hearts of a newly married couple. Hence choosing a perfect place is of utmost importance and a herculean task as well. However keeping all the requirements in mind, we would definitely suggest Krabi for a wonderful honeymoon celebration.

It’s a paradise on earth with pristine blue seas, innumerable islands, floating mangroves, hot springs, gushing waterfalls, and many more such exotic nature’s gifts being showered upon. 

Let’s see why a Krabi Honeymoon  would be a matchless choice for your honeymoon!

The Tiger Cave

An auspicious start to your Krabi Trip and a memorable start to the beginning of a new chapter of your lives; in the Thai spiritual way. Officially known as the Wat Tham Sua (meaning Wat – Temple, Tham – cave, Sua – Tiger), this shrine is one of the world’s most beautifully set temples amidst nature. The journey to this temple is in itself an experience to remember. 

The Tiger Cave


A hike of about 1,230 steps over a stunning limestone cliff is daunting, but still this hike is extremely beautiful as you will be surrounded by thick rain forests, weirdly shaped limestone cliffs, and the vast Andaman Sea all around you.  It is said that a huge tiger had made this cave his home, hence giving it this unique name. You will be able to witness Lord Buddha’s footprints once you reach the summit. The Sun Rise and the Sun Set are the most beautiful times for your journey.

Pro Tip: Dress respectfully and don’t forget to carry some water with you.


The Emerald Pool

An itinerary which is undeniably a must on your Krabi trip is the Emerald Pool. In the gorgeous Thung Teao Forest National Park premises, this mesmerizing naturally formed pool attracts honeymooners to the land of smiles. You will have to trek for about 3 km along the natural trail where you will come across some splendid viewpoints, waterfalls and you if you are lucky you will also be able to witness some rare birds and animals, such as the endangered Gurney’s Pitta which was considered extinct and other species like the clouded leopard, mouse deer, helmeted hornbill and many more. 

The Emerald Pool
At the end of this trail, it opens up to a magnificent magical pool of warm and clear water. There’s even a small ladder to help you get in and out of this pool. You can relax and take a good swim in this pool and cool down. This is also a great spot for some quality bird watching. 

Pro Tip: Do get some mosquito repellent and be careful of your valuables, especially while swimming. 


Phi Phi Islands

One of the loveliest islands of Krabi which just takes 45 minutes of ferry ride from the main Krabi town. With its spectacular tropical forests, white sand  beaches, emerald waters, jungle covered limestone rocks, colorful underwater lives,  Phi Phi Island draws honeymooners like a bee to this postcard-perfect destination.


Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi islands are divided into two major islands called Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. Don island is uninhabited and attracts innumerable tourists and honeymooners to experience its spectacular beauty. Whereas Leh island is filled with sunlit beaches and spacious resorts. The exotic islands of fine white sand became even famous when Maya Bay, featured in Leonardo De Caprio’s “The Beach.”

Phi Phi Island is a coastal paradise with sparkling white sand, loud music and parties. You will find the walkway lined with shops, bars, restaurants filled with the aromatic fragrance of Thai food. You can also get involved in adventurous activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing etc. 

Go out there and explore nature underwater as well. It provides some of the best snorkeling experiences and there is no need for you to know swimming to participate in these activities.


Koh Tup & Koh Mor

Named due to their unique shapes these islands are like beautiful pearls of the Andaman Ocean. These twins belong to a group of islands known as the Mu Koh Poda group. The most attractive feature of these islands is the sand bar. 


If you are lucky and you have low tides on the day you will be able to see the sand bar and walk on it to the other island. Sand Bar is called Talay Waek in Thai, meaning divided sea. You can also get connected to the infamous Chicken Island. Both these islands offer some of the best Snorkeling spots to explore marine life underwater. You can also trek to Tap’s summit and be rewarded with spectacular views, especially during sunset. 


Klong Thom Hot Springs

Surrounded by Lush forest of the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserves, you will be welcomed to one of nature’s best water spas. Originated due to an age-old volcanic eruption the water here consists of minerals and salts which cure some of the skin ailments and other conditions like rheumatism. 

Klong Thom Hot Springs


Natural hot tubs are extremely soothing and definitely a perfect Krabi Honeymoon spot. It’s a jacuzzi with cascading waters relaxing you into calmness and peace. The water here is about 35 to 40 degrees Celsius on average. The best way for a trip to this magical place is to combine it with some other mesmerizing places of the same kind. You could combine it with the beautiful Emerald Pool and some waterfalls in the national park. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget your mosquito repellent, and do not get valuables since you will be away from your baggage for a while when in water. 


Ao Luk Mangroves

An ideal location for a romantic picnic and a light adventure, Ao Luk Mangroves and the associated caves are must visit places in your Krabi Trip. The nature here is pure and untouched. There are two National Parks in this region which have towering limestone cliffs, hilly landscape and lush green forests. And along the coast lies these mystic mangrove forests offering a unique experience of kayaking and cave exploration. There is even a small Buddhist Temple which you will get to see during your sail time as well. You will get to see 3 unique caves (Tham Phi Hua To, Tham Lod Neua, and Tham Lod Tai) that are lined with limestone stalactites and stalagmites making them look even more mysterious than they already are, amidst the mangroves. 

Phi Hua To was apparently a burial ground for people about 3000 years ago and hence you will also be able to see some prehistoric paintings on its ceiling depicting various animals and some way of life back then.


Krabi Walking Street

From the tight schedule of anyone’s vacation, it is always good to take out some time to get a taste of the local culture and traditions of the place.


Krabi Walking Street

Krabi is a charming little town with a laid back tendency. The main Krabi walking street is where all the liveliness is. Plan your day such that you finish these by evening and go on a romantic cruise dinner during the night which will definitely be a perfect ending for your romantic day!

Pro Tip: Do carry your Polaroid Cameras to capture all the sweet moments of your new beginning. 

Final Thoughts!

With hundreds of islands, Krabi trip is a treasure trove of heritage, beaches, and a place of natural beauty in Thailand. The province offers a perfect romantic honeymoon destination with a wide range of experiences.

You’ll definitely enjoy the sightseeing, adventurous activities, and exciting stays in Krabi honeymoon. Its marvellous beauty, diverse wildlife, and exciting water sports, will give you a different level of excitement with your life partner.



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