The era of holding oversized road maps for navigation has become obsolete. With the invention of reliable technology, GPS Tracking Systems have positively transformed the way people used to travel and live. While navigating to unknown cities, GPS Trackers make it simple and easy for drivers to find ways. 

Equipped with high-end technological features including mounting options, data logging, installation, and battery life, the dependable features of one such GoFindMe GPS Tracker keeps the stress away when it comes to tracking. With no monthly fee and internet requirement, this tracker also allows the user to send private text/voice messages, GPS coordinates, and SOS as and when needed.

Unique USP’s Of Tracking System

Off-Grid Messaging

Most of the GPS Trackers use the internet to do tracking but GoFindMe GPS Tracker comes with a staggering off-grid messaging feature. Users can communicate with text and voice messages within the app which is completely off-grid. Moreover, usually, GPS trackers operate through cellular networks but off-grid communication has made it possible for the users of GoFindMe GPS Trackers to communicate without Wi-Fi. 

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Family Tracking System

GoFindMe GPS Tracker is an outdoor GPS Tracking device which provides a complete solution of tracking, locating and off-grid communication. The device is a perfect choice for outdoor activities and family use wherein parents can track one’s kids and pets outdoors, ensuring their safety. 

Off-line Maps

Navigation in the no-network zone has always been a challenge for the travelers. But off-line maps of GoFindMe GPS Tracker make it suitable and reliable for every travel and trek you plan. With its 3 high-definition offline maps: Google Map, Google Satellite and Google Terrain, a user can always locate and find people or pets on maps clearly and accurately.

Alarms & Safe Zones

The GPS Tracker allows you to mark your safe zones so that tracking of your near and dear ones becomes easy. Furthermore, as the Tracker device (with your kid/pet) crosses the boundary set for them, you will get alerts and notifications immediately. This is how GoFindMe GPS Tracker becomes a life saver every time!

Trace Record & Share

The built-in GPS and other powerful modules of this tracker transmit GPS coordinates allowing you to record and share traces through Facebook, which can be considered a higher level of tracking assurance.

SOS for Emergencies

Emergency SOS allows user to quickly make a call to emergency contacts. The off-grid GPS Tracker comes with a feature to press the SOS button, the moment you experience any harm nearby. All the group members associated with your device will receive an alert with your location through the transmission. Interestingly, the SOS feature works even when your device connected to Tracker is switched off. 

The convenience offered by a GPS Tracker is always appreciated by the society and the one with all the above-mentioned features is the need of the hour considering the advancements in technology and changes in the lifestyle. GoFindMe GPS Tracker makes it a little bit easier for individuals to track their near and dear ones. 



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