Running out of an LPG cylinder in the middle of cooking can be the worst nightmare. If you have ever gone through such an experience just like Smriti Khanna did recently, then there’s big news for you. Amazon pay is here to give you a sigh of relief.  

Yeah! You heard that right. 

Amazon Pay is here with a smart solution that includes hassle-free, quick, and easy LPG cylinder bookings. With absolutely contactless payments.


Amazon has turned this dream to book LPG Cylinder with few finger taps, contactless payments along with the perks of amazing cashback, into reality.  

Do you know how?

Let’s get the answers to my and your curiosity and  Why only Amazon Pay?

How to Book Your LPG Cylinder Using Amazon Pay?

You won’t disagree if I say that the traditional methods of booking and payments are difficult to hold on to in today’s pacing lives. 

And like any other domain, this too needed a quick and smart solution for booking LPG Cylinder which is better than calling and messaging the LPG provider to get a booking done, especially if you have a terrible network (trust me, it is a real headache).

So, without wasting time, let’s jump to how you can book and pay for LPG Cylinder and experience doorstep delivery. 

Firstly, select your LPG provider: Yes, you have to choose your LPG provider amongst the three options, which are: 

  • Indane
  • Bharat Gas
  • HP Gas


Enter your mobile no. or your LPG ID: 

  • Mobile No.: Enter your mobile no to the details. 
  • LPG ID: It’s a 17- digit ID that is there on your Domestic Gas Customer Card (DGSC) or Subscription Voucher (SV).

In case it doesn’t work, your LPG provider still got your back. Contact your LPG provider to get it.

Secondly, pay for the booking: The payment may vary along with time and provider. You have to pay the calculated amount. Which includes taxes as well. 

Amazon LPG

Get your LPG Booking ID: As soon as your booking is confirmed you get this unique booking ID to track your order along with the contact details of the provider to reach out in case of any need or delay in the process. 

Amazon lpg

Download your payment receipt from the ‘Your Orders’ section in the Amazon app. 

Now take a back and relax. 

You will receive your LPG Cylinder within 7 days. In case of delay and query, contact your LPG provider. 

Why Is Amazon Pay the Right Choice?

Indeed Amazon has been a reliable name for years and is always available with smart solutions to relieve your daily hurdles. 

LPG Cylinder payments through Amazon Pay is an extension of this carefree life.

Other than that, it also provides:

  • Contactless payments (It’s CORONA time, remember?)
  • Zero convenience fee.
  • Don’t need to make calls/ SMS
  • Save up to ₹50 on your booking. 
  • Win amazing cashback

amazon lpg

So, What to wait for?

Upgrade now to a simple and effortless method of payment for your LPG cylinder and enjoy doorstep delivery. 


Before you leave here’s a small bite of knowledge that you must have.

Quick Information Bullets That You Should Keep in Mind While Receiving Your LPG Cylinder:

  1. Always check for safety seal while receiving a cylinder.
  2. Keep it upright and away from any source of ignition and alcohol-based sprays.
  3. Keep the regulator off when not in use. 



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