You must be thinking that there are already a ton of articles on the internet on things to do in Mysore, so how this one is different from others. I completely agree it is not at all unusual, but it has the perspective of someone who has lived in Mysore for six months and wants to tell you the things to do in Mysore and near it so that you can plan a perfect holiday.

Visit Mysore Palace

Everyone would say or hear the first thing when heard Mysore is Mysore palace and it’s justified. You need to go to visit this palace to enjoy the grandeur and architecture of it.

I would recommend visiting in the morning and night separately as it has its specialties on different timings. In the morning you can see the beautiful big palace and all the architecture accurately whereas in the night you see the mesmerizing lighting. On Saturdays, a story show happened there where a whole story gets narrated of that era with all the lightning, and you can’t just miss that.

Brindavan Gardens

I think one must visit this as it is not just a garden. A very highly maintained green lustrous trees and grasses gives a lively environment vibe, perfect place to chill or can take a break here in the middle of travelling throughout the day.

In this one also you have something beautiful and exciting at night. But I visited in the noon, and it’s so worthy.

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Coorg for trekking

Now I have never done that but heard a lot as my friends have gone. This place is very near to Mysore and one of the safe places to choose for trekking. If you ever have thought and wanna give a shot visit it.


Again very near to Mysore and a perfect getaway for the weekend too. If you are planning to visit Mysore, definitely add this in your to-do list. Ooty is a very famous hill station and has some fantastic views to remember for life.

Go for shopping

Now my favorite thing is to do the shopping, and obviously, every place has their specialties to offer. So the best ones here are-sandalwood and Silk Sarees. Go to the authentic cauvery Arts and Crafts Emporium for some fantastic stuff of Mysore and buy silk sarees from anywhere literally.

Infosys Mysore visit

As an Infoscion, I have to tell you all how much beautiful is the campus of Infosys Mysore so if you have a friend there or any acquaintance, try to visit it. It’s a unique experience in itself to see the magnificent campus, and you will thanks me later.

Guests are allowed only on Saturdays.

Eat Mysore masala dosa

Last thing oh gosh so much nostalgia. I just east so much of it nowadays. This Dosa is very yummy and popular by this name in South India. So why not to try it in its authentic city.

Mysore is one of the cleanest cities of India. I would say that enjoy and have fun 🙂

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