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[Updated] - List of Top 24 Travel Influencers Globally to Follow in 2021

Do you love travelling? I believe your answer is Yes. That is why you have landed on this blog post. For every travel fanatic like you, we have curated a list of top travel influencer globally you must follow if you want to fulfil your fancy travel dreams. They are passionate, achiever and an inspiration to those who believe in the fact that everything can be achieved if you really want it. Check out these top 24 travel influencers who are actually doing what they love to do!

Who is a Travel Influencer?

Influencing doesn’t have to have a huge amount of following. Instead, having the ability to engage with a ample number of people is a must. That said, the major role of a travel influencer is to help increase a brand’s mentions on social media and other important engagement metrics.

FYI: The list is random. Therfore, does not indicate the ranking of any travel influencer. Few months back I have posted on Facebook that I am curating a list of travel influencers, henceforth received these nominations from the influencers. 

1) Archana Singh


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I love train journeys, especially when you get to explore the #uNEXplored. I loved riding the narrow-gauged small railway in @horehronie_region of Central Slovakia. My journey began from Chvatimech to Čierny Balog with an original steam-engine.⠀ ⠀ Are you a fan of train travel? ⠀⠀ ⠀ PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SWIPE LEFT AND CHECK ALL THE PICTURES. ⠀⠀ ⠀ —————————————————- ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ BTW I’m absolutely loving my new #VivoNex phone. If you haven’t checked the phone yet, do it now and be a #Vivographer. ⠀⠀ ————————————————–⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ PS: I am in Europe for the next three months and I’ll be sharing untold stories from offbeat places. #CentralSlovakia is the second part of my ongoing #OffbeatEuropeWithTSW series.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ —————————————————- ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #VisitSlovakia #SlovakiaTravel #goodideaslovakia #heritage #Nature #Sunset #colorfullife #offbeat #VisitEurope #DiscoverEurope #travel #travelling #traveling #travelphotography #GirlsWhoTravel #DameTraveller #traveler #europe_vacations #hiking #pureslovakia #thisisslovakia #slovakadventurese #train

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: 

I come from an adventurous army background so traveling has always been an integral part of growing up. There wasn’t any one big moment that marked my foray into traveling. I was probably born with the travel bug, which further grew with time.
b) What are your travel plans for 2019:
No concrete plans yet but I have some interesting responsible tourism projects ideas for Asia and Europe. And, who knows I could be in Latin America too.
c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there:
Don’t spend too much time in deliberation about the past or the future. Just take that trip you have been thinking for long. And, at least once a year go on a solo trip to a place that is out of your comfort zone. That one trip could possibly change your life for good.
d) Your favorite travel mantra:
Keep calm and Travel. That’s what my bag tag also says.

e) About you: Brand Management Expert by profession and a Travel Journalist by passion, who loves to explore offbeat places in search of untold human stories. With over 15-years of Marketing experience under my belt in India and abroad, I work as a Brand Consultant, Influencer, Photographer and a Public Speaker. While I have won many awards for my work, my biggest reward has been on working on issues like women empowerment, responsible tourism and social inclusion of the underprivileged.

I took the biggest risk of my life when I quit my 15 years of ‘secure’ corporate career handling some of the world’s biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Suzuki, Microsoft, Dabur, Star Sports, and Sony among others to follow my passion. In a short span of time, I have travelled to over 60 countries, helped dozens of Tourism Boards, Destinations, Travel companies, NGOs, brands, and independents around the world in their marketing endeavours. Currently, my focus is on working with emerging Markets of Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East to help them grow their tourism market. Having worked on both sides of the table, I provide useful information to both the armchair traveller as well aisle-seat explorer.

My strong commitment towards my work has earned me many accolades – 2018 was extremely rewarding with 5 best blogger awards – “Best Blogger” by SATTE Awards, ‘Best Blogger of the Year’ by Outlook, ‘Best Blogger for promoting offbeat destinations’ by Gujarat Tourism, ‘Best blogger for People Photography’ by Srilankan Airlines and ‘Best Blogger for Women Empowerment’ by FEMMES awards. Besides documenting my experiences on travelseewrite.com, I regularly write for leading publications within India as well as outside like Lonely Planet, Outlook, The Week, Times of India, National Geographic, the Hindu, Indian Express, Mint, Financial Times, Femina etc.

f) Social Media:

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2) Veidehi Gite

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Raising a toast to #Diwali2018 at The Grand Bhagwati, a palatial complex exemplifying dome architecture and a number of pavilions within the property! What better way to bring in Diwali, than to luxuriate at a wonderful hotel full of Krazy surprises right? ?? . . . . #tgb #thegrandbhagwati #familytime #familylunch #luxuryhotelsindia #travelblogger #luxuryblogger #luxurylifestyle #luxurylifestyleinfluencer #indiantravelblogger #indianluxuryblogger #luxurylifestyleinfluencer #desigirltraveler #travelwithkrazybutterfly #indoreluxuryhotels #palatialarchitecture #ig_indore #indorediaries #indorefoodexplorer #indorefoodies #indoregram #indorephotography #indoreunseen #indoreblogger #mumbaiblogger #mumbailuxuryblogger #thegrandbhagwatiindore #thegrandbhagwatipalace

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I have always been an ardent traveller, however, what quite triggered my first travel journey was the inception of a science fiction! When I first began to pen down my fictional thoughts in 2016, most of my characters revolved around European and Scandinavian nations. What appeared to be a subconscious narration in the beginning, eventually turned into a conscious manifestation with time.
b)  What are your travel plans for 2019: After extensive travel to European destinations in last 2 years, we would like to see more of Asia in 2019. UNESCO sites, beaches, iconic monuments, culinary escapades, we have a lot planned for this year. Then again, like they say, you don’t take trips, instead trips take you. In which case, we hope to experience the magic of Northern lights near the North Pole in 2019, to bring back exclusive Icy fairytale stories for our readers.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Live and eat like a local, to create your own magical imprint of the community! Whether you choose to tell the stories to your grandchildren, or to the world, the regional experiences will remain with you for as long as you live and will serve as the greatest memories of all times.

d)  Your favourite travel mantra: Embrace the beauty of your Solo Journey!

e) About you: Krazy Butterfly is an award-winning luxury travel blog, featuring the world’s most iconic destinations, most-luxurious hotels, luxe restaurants, and reviews of globally renowned organic products designed to boost wellness and lifestyle on a large scale. Our thoughtfully crafted stories create pre-travel insights for our readers, while, giving them a fair chance to pre-evaluate choices and well-plan their voyage. On the way, learn how to live, eat, and rejoice like a local.

f) Social Media: Facebook | Instagram| Blog

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3) Archana & Vidur 

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Dear All, if you have been following our Instagram stories you would know that Travelmynation has been nominated as the top couple travel bloggers of 2018 by @holidify however to win this we need your love and support. It’s the last day of the year and as we step towards 2019 we would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us & motivating us throughout our journeys. It’s been so over whelming to have been receiving so many DM’s you have been sending. Now this one support which we need on the last day of the year is your vote. If you like our journey and our page please do vote. We have given the link in our bio ?? Once again thanking everyone of you in advance and wishing you a very very Happy 2019 ??? . . . . . . . #indiapictures #indiaclicks #lonelyplanetindia #bbctravel #photographers_of_india #photography #tripotocommunity #couplegoals #incredibleindia #coupletravel #cntgiveitashot #traveller #travelrealindia #exploreindia #discoverindia #indiapictures #travelmynation #exploremore #travelblogger #lonelyplanet #photooftheday #igersofindia #storiesofindia #indianphotography #beautifuldestinations #travelgram #travelmore #holidifyexplorerawards2018 #newyears2019 #newyearseve

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: Both of us have been traveling with our families since childhood. But together, we went on our first trip in 2015. It was a working day and we were both stressed out so after work we took off to Agumbe to relax and have a peaceful weekend!

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: We have plenty planned for 2019. Like 2018 where we did a 5 month trip to Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, we are planning another long trip but this time to the North East. Along with that, we will cover more places in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Odisha, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Goa. We might do an international trip if time permits.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travelers out there: Please travel responsibly. All our tourist spots are suffering due to excessive garbage and pollution. Do your part and leave behind a minuscule carbon footprint.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Well it’s not a travel mantra per se but something we tell people quite often. “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.”

e) About you: Travelmynation, run by Archana and Vidur is their dream project foraying into the world of offbeat travel. We are a married couple who just loves being in the outdoors!We are nothing like each other and maybe that’s what binds us together. No decision is ever made without having our little fights about it. While Archana is the spunk in our relationship, the crazy one with wild ideas, the dreamer and the naughty one, Vidur is more logical, analytical and looks at things with a realistic approach. Archana is a typical Assamese girl and Vidur, the not so typical Punjabi Munda! We have our roti vs rice, chicken vs fish and aaloo jeera vs aaloo pitika days! With so many differences between us, it leaves a lot for us to learn about each other and traveling has been a great tool in facilitating the journey of our relationship!

We are travelers, bloggers, photographers and hospitality consultants and pursuing our dream full time. So far we have covered 25 Indian States and 5 countries. In 2019, we plan to cover the rest of the Indian states as well!

f) Social Media:

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4) Ami Bhat

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The Zanskar Indus Confluence in #Ladakh #India #Travel #ThrillingTravel – No no…. Not edited. The colors are really as you see them. The Zanskar is the bluish one while the Indus is the greenish one. The last time I visited this, the light was a little harsh and I could not capture it well. Guess this incomplete task was done this time for we reached around 11. As I understand the colors reverse in winter. Truly a gorgeous natural phenomenon – °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° #Leh #rivers #india_ig #indiatravelgram #repostindia #discover_india #indiapictures #india_gram #instago #instagood #instapassport #instatravel #instatraveling #mytravelgram #tourist #photooftheday #picoftheday #nature #naturephotography #waterscape #travellers_captures #travelphotography #scape_captures – °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: Have been always traveling since my childhood. I honestly don’t recall the first trip as such. My solo travel just eased in as a part of life.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: Finding more secrets of known destinations and exploring some unknown ones. Would love to catch more of scuba and birdlife this Year.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Don’t just tick off destinations. If life gives you a chance to explore the same place again, take it. Maybe you have left a stone unturned.

d) Your favroite travel mantra: Pack… Set… Go… 🙂

e) About you: People refer to me as a restless ball of energy. My Mom refuses to entertain my complaints about my equally restless daughter and assures my husband that I was born with a bug – a travel bug.

A Post-Graduate in Marketing by qualification and a travel blogger & writer by passion. Besides travel, I enjoy photography and if you don’t find me at my desk, I would be out playing badminton or swimming or just plain running – something that is so required for my restless soul.

I love all shades of travel… Be it heritage, nature, beaches, adventure… They all add a thrill. With true end of one travel, you will find me planning my next journey. That is my therapy for a holiday Hangover. 🙂
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5) Jade D’sa


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I’ve been travelling ever since I was a child, but what prompted me to take my first trip as a young adult was a short study course in Singapore.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: I’ve learnt that plans rarely work out for me. Spontaneity does. None of the trips I had planned for 2018 worked, but the year was full of travel – all to places I didn’t have on my radar. I do want to spend a couple of months in Vietnam or Cambodia, I want to go slow-travelling to Rajasthan and will probably spend a couple of months at home in Goa too.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Unlike 30, 20 or even 10 years ago, jobs aren’t defined by an office anymore. Anyone with great skill and intelligence can choose a lifestyle that allows them to travel the way they want to. So get out of the doctor-lawyer-teacher mindset and explore your options!

d) Your favorite travel mantra: The world is too big to just stay in one place

e) About you: A content strategist by profession, I gave up my full time job and started my own digital marketing agency in Jan 2017 – something that would allow me to pursue my passion for travel and writing, while earning money on the go. I love finding great homestays, boutique hotels and quirky cafes – and living the digital nomad life. When it comes to travel, I believe in taking it slow – spending weeks or months in a particular destination and experiencing not just the touristy sights, but having enough time to admire the architecture, taste the local food, make friends and maybe even learn a thing or two. I am extremely interested in Culinary Travel and my blog is a reflection of that, as well as the digital nomad way of life. I’m always adding to my ever-expanding bucket list in my head, and I believe that anything can be accomplished with the right attitude, perseverance and copious amounts of chocolate.

f) Social Media:

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6) Wanderful Traveler – Melissa


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: My first travel was when I was one years old! My parents took
me to Mammoth Lakes for a cosy cabin trip. I don’t remember it, but I loved that my parents didn’t let my new presence dapper their travel spirits and plans.
b) What are your travel plans for 2019: So far I have Prague, Morocco and Barcelona lined up. Will definitely plan more through out the year!
c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Say yes to new experiences, even if they are out of your comfort zone or if they’re last minute. Sure, not all of them will be great, but probably, a majority of them will be! You’ll discover local culture, adventures and might even find your new hobby or culinary obsession – try everything once and figure it out yourself!
d) Your favorite travel mantra: My favourite travel mantra is by someone who I’ve never met, but has greatly shaped my travel mentality and obsession — Anthony Bourdain said “If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. It’s a plus for everybody.
e) About you: I am a cheery and down-to-earth California native who bought an one way ticket abroad to live out my dream of immersing myself in a foreign culture. From minding the traffic in Los Angeles, to minding the bikes in Amsterdam, I am now minding the gap in London. I endeavor to find the perfect balance between tourist and local on all my adventures. To me, travel is about venturing out into the unknown and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It means experiencing other cultures, trying new food and having fun doing it!
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7) Prasad Np

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Hola Travelers Wishing you all a very #HappyNewYear2019 Travelers.⠀ Download your free high resolution copy of the desi Traveler 2019 #Wallpaper #Calendar from the link in bio.⠀ Here is the story of this month's calendar >⠀ ⠀ The Grass Was Green On Both Sides Of The Bloggers Bus⠀⠀ Once Swami Vivekananda stayed in the temple on the banks of this languid river that defied all stereotypes of a wild mountain book. Perhaps the calmness of the scenery attracted the wise one to stay here for a few days when he was traveling in the Himalayas.⠀⠀ The quaint temple is popular among locals and the odd tourist/travelers like us who like to get down to the river bank. As I walk towards the large temple bell to ring it, I see 2 mules in a distance peacefully munching on the green grass lovingly nurtured by the slow river. Life for sure here is not in the fast lane. Neither the mules nor the lonely cloud stuck in the trees on the peak above and certainly not the river is in any hurry. The valley below is straight out of a Nat Geo documentary about the Himalayas only I am not in front of my TV but watching it live. Blessed is the valley where the grass is green on both sides of the River :)⠀⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #HighonHimalayas⠀⠀ #Himalayas⠀⠀ #Mules⠀⠀ #Kumaon⠀⠀ #almora⠀⠀ #temple⠀⠀ #riverside⠀⠀ #CaptureTomorrow⠀ #Nikon⠀ #nature⠀⠀ #IndiaTravel⠀⠀ #discover_india⠀⠀ #_soi⠀⠀ #_moi⠀⠀ #buzzfeedindia⠀⠀ #travelphotography⠀⠀ #Greenery⠀⠀ #uttarakhand⠀⠀⠀ #IncredibleIndia⠀⠀ #exploretheunexplored⠀⠀⠀ #earthpix⠀ ⠀⠀ #cntgiveitashot⠀⠀⠀ #bbctravel⠀⠀⠀ #natgeo⠀⠀⠀ #yourshot⠀⠀⠀ #lpmi⠀ …………………⠀ PS: Follow & tag @desitraveler using #desiTraveler for a feature on the blog

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journeyI was very young so tough to remember, but I guess it was the books that I read as a child that sparked the desire to see the world.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: See more of India and some more of the world outside of India, go and meet the forgotten tribes and also explore the buzzing bazaars of middle east and have some freshly brewed coffee in a picture-perfect town in Europe.
c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: To be able to travel is a privilege, most people on earth don’t have the luxury to travel for a majority of us travel is either a dream never to be realized or it is needed to make a living. So if you are able to travel to see the world thank the UNIVERSE and bring smiles on the faces of people you meet. Buy, local stuff from artisans if you want to buy souvenirs and never ever leave garbage behind when you are visiting mountains or forests.
d) Your favorite travel mantra: Travel to connect with people, not to see places. If you only go for selfies learn photoshop and you will get better results. Go out meet strangers, make friends try new things and spread smiles.
e) About you: Prasad has been a corporate type for most of his life when he sold his soul for salary. No More. As the itch to click became uncontrollable he switched to travel & photography. Now Prasad is a mentor & investor in startups and celebrates wanderlust on his globally read blog desi Traveler.
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8) Alesha & Jarrod

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And we’re off to make friends with penguins in South Georgia for two weeks with @oneoceanexp! No internet in the subantarctic, so we’ll see you when we’re back after the digital detox. Keep being awesome guys, you all rock! ?? . P.s. How we got this shot? No, we didn’t wander up to a wild penguin and wave a selfie stick in its face. We were keeping a strict 10-feet distance from all animals, as per our guide’s instruction who we were with. But when they approach you, well that’s a different story. This guy started wandering over to us, so we put our GoPro on time lapse mode, laid it on the ground, and waited to see what the penguin did. It walked right up to us, sniffed around then checked out the camera before turning around and walking off. Time lapse mode caught this shot, while we were in a bit of disbelief. Don’t harass wild animals, that’s not cool.

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I went on a family vacation to the US when I was 16 and it was my first time leaving Australia. Even though the US wasn’t much different to what I was used to at home, it was a new experience for me, and it set in motion a desire to see the world. I chose to move to Canada on a one-way ticket when I was 20 to become a ski bum and see if a life of travel was something I would enjoy. I’ve never looked back.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: In 2019 we’ll be travelling around Australia, Canada, the US and possibly parts of Southern Africa and Japan. In August we’ll be running two adventure and photography tours, one in Kyrgyzstan and one in Tajikistan. After that we’re not sure where we’ll be.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Before you sign up for college, commit to a career or buy a house, travel the world.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Explore more.

e) About you: Hi, we’re Alesha and Jarryd, the co-founders of Australia’s biggest adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus. We’ve been travelling the world together non-stop since 2008, searching for adventure and culture in off-the-beaten-path destinations.

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9) Joanna Kalafatis

a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I have been traveling ever since I was a child, as my family loved to experience new cities and new places. However, the first trip that prompted my real love of the kind of local, cultural travel I do now was my study abroad program. I spent months with host families in Brazil and South Africa, learning about their life, culture, and lifestyle, meeting with local NGO workers, politicians, businessmen to talk about what they felt about their country. It was an incredible new way of really feeling immersed in another country, not only seeing landmarks and eating local food, but also truly trying to understand peoples’ perspectives, the social climate of a nation, and how people felt about living where they lived.
b) What are your travel plans for 2019: My travel plans are ever-changing and always uncertain! My travel usually tends to be last-minute and impulsive, as I will literally go on a website like Google Flights and just check out which destinations are surprisingly affordable and fly there. However, I do have plans for Montreal, Argentina, Berlin and Copenhagen. Ideally, I would like to get to Uzbekistan as well.
c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Travel is not so unattainable as you might think. With websites like Couchsurfing, and so many ways to amass airline miles without spending extra money, I often find myself spending less on the road than I do at home.
d) Your favorite travel mantra: It’s good to have a plan; it’s even better to be able to let it go.
e) About you: I am a travel blogger, photographer and actress based in Los Angeles. My first home was in Greece, and I go back as often as possible. I am excited by almost anything and everything creative, whether it’s writing, music, photography, or art of any kind, and when I travel I especially love connecting with these parts of a country. I believe that travel is an opportunity for improving yourself, learning more about the world, breaking stereotypes, and giving back what you can wherever you travel – but only if you let it be.

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10) Arvind Passey


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: The idea was to go on a really long road trip on a motorbike… this was just after I got married. Obviously it was an exciting trip and we returned completely sun-burnt but happy. Another good thing that happened during that trip was that we decided to travel more often… and only a few years later we were about to explore a large part of Yorkshire. And the travel trips went on.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: I hope to begin the next year with a road trip with RTX Project. This trip will take us through Odisha and we shall explore the various art forms that are a part of the people in the state. Subsequently we are planning a trip to UK and Europe in the months of May, June, July, and August. There will, no doubt be more in between and after our UK-EU trip.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Travel responsibly. Don’t be like that stupid girl we met while trekking in the hills near Chakrata who threw her empty plastic water bottle down a clean and pristine slope covered with pine trees. I’m sure the trees and the rest of the flora and fauna around were utterly shocked at her behaviour. When you travel, you do it because you wish to interact with people, art-forms, and whatever else a place has to offer… and NOT because you want to move away from home to be irresponsible, create a racket, drink like a mule, and litter like an idiot!
d) Your favorite travel mantra: If you cannot respect the outdoors, stay indoors.
e) About you: Writer. Poet. Blogger. Journalist. Travel and photography enthusiast. Foodie at heart. I love interacting with people and love exploring places on foot.

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11) Nishita Kumar

a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I’ve always loved travel since I was a kid. My first solo travel trips were work trips to the USA. I used to tack on a bit of travel to it – a weekend away to Napa for instance. My first adventure trip was to Assam and Meghalaya.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: I have many plans. In Jan, I am thinking of a trip to Sikkim, in Feb, planning a weekend trip to Satpura in Madhya Pradesh. In May, I hope to go to Turkey or Greece, but no solid plans yet.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there. Budgeting can be a problem. But travel with a friend, you can cut costs in accommodation and food. You can also check out hostels for cheap stays. In addition, Skyscanner alerts are the best way to snag flight deals if you are flexible with dates and places.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Not all those who wander are lost – Cliched but true.

e) About you:  A technical writer during the day, and blogger after hours. Always planning the next travel destination in my head. I love to advise people about travel and places to go. Some people even take my advice. My favorite travel destinations are always a little off the beaten track. I love nature and prefer visiting places of natural beauty – one of my favorite trips was to Kaziranga in Assam where I got to see the rhinos up-close, and probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

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12) Roxanne

a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I’ve always wanted to travel it’s not that this was something I thought of much later in life it’s just that the opportunities came much later. It was a work trip to Goa back in 2012 and I grabbed the opportunity to explore more and start writing about destinations with that experience and there’s no looking back now.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: It’s hard to say, my plans are fluid because travel work comes up very last minute but I’m also planning my own adventures and I’m hoping to visit some new destinations. It’s all work in progress but you’ll see my social media updates the minute I’m on a plane 🙂

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travelers out there: Please save your money from your day job to travel. The internet and several travel bloggers make it seem more glamorous than it really is, my biggest advice would be to stick to your normal job so you have a steady income to then travel and enjoy. I’d also say please learn to be respectful about other cultures even if you don’t understand it. You represent your country when you travel, try and be polite and kind with the people you interact with.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: expect the unexpected. It’s never smooth sailing and there can be flight delays, lost bags and a number of things you must learn to anticipate or atleast keep some sort of emergency monetary backup just in case. Also NEVER travel without travel insurance.

e) About you: I’m a freelance food and travel writer based in Mumbai. I’m happiest when I’m exploring the world, one plate at a time. I work extensively in the hospitality space and have worked with various tourism boards, airlines, hotels, travel agents and restaurants over the last 7 years via my personal blog – The Tiny Taster.

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13) Anshul Akhoury


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So, last pic of this year. I think it went on a nice note. I won a few times, failed a lot of times, met new friends, kept some old people and let go of many others. Literally escaped from a national disaster, got published, grew up as a writer. Now I need to make everything a lot better. . I don't believe in this 'New Year New Me' thing but I'll surely get a new pair of pants. ? Also, I'll get more photos of myself clicked. . #untamedjourneys #IncredibleIndia#IAmNikon#lonelyplanetindia #everydayindia#cntgiveitashot #Nagaland #SoloTravel#writersofinstagram #worldbestgram#igersoftheday#photojournalism #Ourplanetdaily #Bihar#BihariBlogger#PatnaBlogger #bbctravel#India#photography #ig_worldclub #photographer#travellingdiaries#huffpostgram #Nature #Kohima #Shutterbugs #northeast #whereisnortheast

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I used to live in Bangalore for my higher studies. I started my first solo trip seeing everyone planning for Goa. I wanted to go but couldn’t afford the budget. So one day, I hitchhiked a ride on a friend’s bike and went to Mysore from where I hitchhiked further rides to reach Goa. I had 500 rs in my pocket and spent all on returning bus for Bangalore.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: I have always into conservation of resources and have spent a lot of time cleaning mountains and learning animal behaviour. I will go back to those roots and try to help a little more.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Between Instagram photos and fancy blogs there is a lot that we ignore. Observe the fact that travelling is also harming nature, local culture, lifestyle and eco-system. Let others know about this fact and try to bring a positive change.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Don’t expect much and wonders will happen

e) About you: I am a writer and an author who loves travelling and exploring new places. I observe day to day life and try to incorporate them in my write-ups. I have spent last one and a half year on the road as my freelancing life gives me freedom to work from anywhere. I have worked with mountain conservation NGOs, Snow Leopard Conservation Societies and taken part in many cleaning projects in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. During this time, my articles have been published on various platforms like Spice Jet, Manorama and Shillong times.

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14) Debolina Ray


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I have always wanted to explore the world – new places, new stories, new food, new people. I think I inherited a gypsy soul from my parents! So Istanbul happened – a city with an eclectic confluence of culture, food, art & history. It is still one of my top travel experiences.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: Island hopping on the Pacific and explore more of the North East India.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Travel is more than just pictures and Instagram. Sometimes it’s just to be at a place. So soak it all in and wander responsibly!

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Traveling – The world is too big to leave unexplored.

e) About you: I am Debolina Ray, a Bangalore based blogger writing about travel and food, foraying occasionally into lifestyle on my website called She Knows Grub. I work as a Product Manager and am an IIM Bangalore alumni. I started blogging a few years back mainly on my travel journeys, from the beautiful quiet Slovenia to the heart of Latin America – Buenos Aires, Lima and parts of Brazil. India is a traveler’s haven, love exploring parts of the vast country – they are so distinct in every aspect, and so much to learn from every place. Food is intrinsic to understand a culture, and perhaps the easiest way to connect with people & culture. I love writing about food. Though travel continues to be very close to my heart, so I sharing travel advice and things to do in countries I travel to. As they rightly say: Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. So every year I try to head out to at least one place that I haven’t been to before, well because life is short and the world map is really wide.

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15) Himangi Mamtani


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I was born in HongKong and I have travelled to many places and lived in many places including Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, HongKong, and Singapore. So, I have never like living in one place for more that 4/5 years. Me and my family made sure we travelled every 2/3 months because all of us love traveling. So, I got this idea of starting my own blog because I used to travel a lot and I knew for sure I wasn’t going to stop.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: My travel plans for 2019 is most probably going far off places like Canada and USA.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: I feel like everyone is very smart nowadays and know everything about travel. But I think the most important advice is that don’t lose yourself or the purpose of why you travel. To create content, yes but also because it sets your soul on fire.

d) My favourite travel mantra is: Never lose your sense of wonder.

e) About you: My name is Himangi Mamtani. I am a 23-year-old psychology student who loves to travel. I have been traveling since I was born. I was born in HongKong, moved to Dubai, then Mumbai, Delhi and currently staying in Singapore. I love to Dance, Sketch, sometimes sing (even though I don’t sound that good) and play different instruments for example, ukulele. I am obsessed with doing social work and working on starting a non-profit organisation in the near future. My parents are my world and I owe them my life. I have a passion for creating awareness for mental health and traveling. My long-term goal is to travel, do some social work through my non-profit organisation and create mental awareness.

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16) Sundeep & Bedabrata


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The weather up north is just amazing. No wonder it is party season cum travel time too. And sometimes we have to combine both! To this end, we were searching for fuss free clothes that looked nice, plus were pocket-friendly, plus easy maintenance during travel. Tall order – no. Let us introduce you to Mr. Stag – a pocket friendly #menswear brand. @mrstagofficial is offering 50% off on topwear all this January. Along with Flipkart and Amazon their stuff is also available on MrStag.com What we are wearing: Mr. Stag full sleeve t-shirts paired with half jacket (Sundeep) and an Ajrakh scarf (Bedabrata) . . . . . . #menfashion #menfashionstyle #menfashionreview #menfashiontips #menfashionblogger #menfashions #Style #Stylish #Men #Menfashion #lifestyle #photooftheday #picoftheday #fashiongram #styleblog #instafashion #menstrend #streetstyle #menwithstyle

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: Wanderlust. Plus the strong desire to exploit the weekend breaks we get from work and explore the enormous travel potential Delhi’s strategic location has to offer. Example – if you want mountains – there is Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand; if you deserts there is Rajasthan; if you want heritage there is Neemrana Fort and Jaipur; if you want nature there are Sariska, Corbett, Bharatpur..the list is endless. All the above destinations can be reached in only a couple of hours from Delhi NCR.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: Pretty flexible since most are our travel plans are candid. All we know is that we are starting the year with a trip to the forests of Ranthambore. And there are Ajanta, Ellora, Goa, Kolkata, San Jose in USA on the cards.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Do plan ahead, book ahead, research before you go. But don’t be daunted by any surprises during the course of travel. Be flexible and prepared for random deviations and you may have a great story to inspire others.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Charaiveti from the Upanishads (“Keep moving”).

e) About you: Delhi-Fun-Dos.com – An online platform for what’s new and trending in Travel & Lifestyle. Through our blog and social media channels, we list and review simple means in and around Delhi NCR to inspire your everyday. As a result we are now a go-to platform for update on Travel, events as well as promote new services or activities. We help entities create a buzz about any of their ventures in the ever expanding world of web and social media.

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17) Neha Lamba


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I have got the travel bug in my genes as my mom loves traveling as much as I do. Full moon view and a view of milky way on my very first trek made me realize about my true passion.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: to explore new places I have never been to.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: travel as much as possible whenever possible. We have got a beautiful world to see around. Life is very short to see everything so start it now.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: travel is in my soul. To spread this bug to everyone is my Moto. Travel is as much as necessary as we need to oxygen to breathe.

e) About you: A travel soul, lost in Himalayas. Love to eat as much as I love to travel. Photography is my another passion. I share my travel stories here at untoldtraveltales.com and love to spread the need of travel for mental health. As I always say “I Urge You To Travel”.

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18) Gautam Pendharkar

a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey:It was the insatiable curiosity of moving around and explore places that lead me to being a traveler, of course there are other aspects such as it gives me to explore my hobby of photography and to meet new people.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: One plan is to visit to one of the best national parks in India – Jim Corbett in March. I hope other plans will soon fall in place for 2019.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Enjoy the journey as much as the destination and also try to  disconnect from technology to be yourself, discover yourself, world can wait.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Optimize the luggage and minimize the cost by using your experience.

e) About you:I am a rebel deep down inside with entrepreneurial streaks, always ready to take on the world with my utter calmness, perseverance and patience with sarcasm. Traveling and sports let me explore all of these things i mentioned just now. Professionally – I am a social media marketing consultant working with businesses around the world and a travel influencer, with rich experience in IT industry.

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19) Poorna Banerjee


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I turned a year older (happy birthday to me) a couple of days ago, and here's the thing: I don't feel any different from what I was feeling. Is that normal? Yes it is! Being older doesn't really mean you have to feel a certain way, or conform to certain norms. It means, you need to be the way you want to be, and be true to who you are. My dad says, if you're ok looking at your face in the mirror at the end of the day and know you're good with yourself, the rest of the world can be taken care of, one way or another. That's my one piece of wisdom! Peace out and happy Sunday, guys! Thank you so much for being a part of my life and keeping an eye on my feed! Photo: @sayantansarkar #presentedbyp #turning35 #birthday #selfrealization #thoughtoftheday #kolkatafoodblogger #foodie

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I was about 15 and I was tired and not too happy with whatever was around me. I took whatever money I had and got up in a train from Sealdah station, Kolkata.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: I have plans of going to parts of the North East, Thailand, Hungary and the Balkans, and slightly remote parts of Borneo, as well as Vietnam and Indonesia.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: If you are going to another country, learn a bit about their customs, rituals, and don’t make a nuisance of yourself. If you don’t want to eat something, politely refuse. Don’t turn up your nose on other people’s choices, even though they might not match yours.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Money, ID, Ticket, Keys – Always keep an eye on these.

e) About you: I write about food, travel, and reviewing things make me happy. I have contributed to books, magazines, and conceptualised events, and I currently work as a social media strategist, understanding brand requirements and providing the right kind of exposure to brand campaigns. I have worked with over 150 brands including The Lalit Group, Taj hotels, Accor Group, Tata Steel, Lakme, KFC, 7Up, Starbucks, and many others.

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20) Noor Anand Chawla


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: Travel has been engrained in me through my parents. My first ever travel journey was at the bonny age of 6 months when my parents took me on a road trip to Nainital. Now, 30 years on, I crave being on the go!
b) What are your travel plans for 2019: I try not to plan my travels too much in advance, preferring to enjoy the experience as and when it happens. Fortunately, my husband and other family members share my love for travel, which ensures multiple trips in a year. Hopefully 2019 will bring with it new and fabulous travel experiences!
c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: My advice to millennials would be to live in the moment. It’s great to read up and plan itineraries before exploring a new place, but one must leave equal space for brand new experiences. Unexpected treasures are yours for the taking, if you go in with an open mind!
d) Your favorite travel mantra: Be prepared for any eventuality but don’t stress!

e) About you: A lawyer by training, I pursued my passion for writing after the birth of my baby boy 2.5 years ago. Having studied at esteemed institutions like St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, the Faculty of Law, Delhi University and King’s College London; I practice law at the Delhi High Court. I also write a Delhi-based lifestyle blog on my website, where I cover topics related to travel, parenting, health & fitness, beauty & fashion, art & culture, and food. On Instagram, I’m better known as theladylawyer. Travel is an extremely important component of my life. Visiting and experiencing new places gives me a high like nothing else!

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21) Faizan Patel

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Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. Shot by: @ashirhassan Outfit: @koovsman @zara Bag: @outbackasia #9wshotstories #indianphotography #mypixeldiary #himalayas #india_gram #himachal #maharashtra__ig #everydayindia #ladakh #himachalpradesh #leh #delhi_igers #uttarakhand #mumbai_igers #indiatravel #indiaphotosociety #instahimachal #india_undiscovered #ifoundawesome #f4fofficial #himalayangeographic #himgeo #trell #tripyoursoul #outbackobsessed #outbackAsia

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: My wife to be honest. I have travelled a lot locally as kid with my grandparents who love travelling. My first international travel was to Italy with my wife for our honeymoon. And it was quite a journey as our travel story went viral. Google for FAIZAN PATEL Sushma Swaraj and you will find it 🙂

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: We had plans for Switzerland and Greece this year. However to unforseen events we couldn’t go ahead anywhere. I am hoping to catch some snow in Sri Nagar later next month end.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Save up 10-20% of your salary every month. Travel every month or two as it keeps your mind afresh. Enjoy the scene and leave the camera behind at times. (this is coming from a photographer by profession!!)
d) Your favorite travel mantra: Travel light. Walk as much as possible. Live the moment. Eat local food. Communicate with the locals.

e) About you: I am a professional photographer based in New Delhi. I love travelling and trying out new cuisine. I shoot across genres like wedding, fashion, architecture, and automobile. I travel to fuel my creativity and try new things in life.

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22) Leena Singbal


a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: This question takes me over two decades back when my parents used to sit with maps and a bulky lonely planet book to chalk out a rough itinerary for our upcoming trip. What followed was making calls to people who have visited the place or may have a better idea about the location. I remember it was all so exciting because we didn’t have the internet back then and all we could do was imagine how a particular place would be just by their mere description. So, being born in a household where one long trip was mandatory every year, I was a born traveler and it came easily to me. Coupled with this, my natural curiosity to know about people, their culture, eating habits, ways of living prompted me to travel far & wide.

b) What are your travel plans for 2019: Hmm quite frankly, it’s too early to comment. My plans are usually spontaneous. So maybe one long trip and plenty of staycations all through the year.

c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travelers out there: Ditch your camera and spend a moment with your eyes wide open to see where you are standing. Look at the water – it’s not blue like your homeland; it’s turquoise. Look at the birds – they have patches of different colors on their bodies. Smell the air. Listen to the myriad sounds. And accept the local meat here is not your favorite one. Move over ‘Been there, done that’ mentality.

d) Your favorite travel mantra: Find out what your travel type is and you’ll never want to go back to ‘5 cities in 5 days’ schedules.  Like a campsite? Pitch a tent right there. Shop some local veggies and fruits and lit up a bonfire by the river. Not every meal on vacation is meant to be at a high-end restaurant.

e) About you: All of 24, Mumbaikar for life, Leena believes in following her passions in equal proportions – writing detailed essays, eating her heart out, chit chatting for hours with her dear ones and traveling far & wide! Businesswoman by the day, blogger by the night!

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23) Madhurima Chakraborty


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In front of the 12 th century Dhammayazika #Pagoda, Bagan, a #heritage destination. . . . It was the heydays of Pagan kings in Bagan, the salient part of #Mandalay region of #Myanmar, erstwhile Burma where flourished a unique temple #architecture practice. More than 10,000 (yes thats right) Buddhist #temples, Stupas and pagodas dating back to that era adorn the dusty trails of Bagan, flagbearer of Myanmar's nascent tourism industry. . . . Evidences suggest the region had prowess on Buddhist educational system and had hosted monks from different paarts of South Asia, including Srilanka, India and Tibet. Though predominantly Buddhist, the area showed tolerence to many faiths co existing with Hinduism and many animist tribal faiths. . . . Mongol invasion and many earthquakes caused havoc on the kingdom. Eventually, as the political seat of power shifted towards upper Burma, Bagan reduced to a mere rural area with a few fringe villages. Remains of the temples stood tall with faithfuls making pilgrimage. . . . Known as Arimaddana pura in Pali, Bagan houses 2000 of those pagodas from that time. Often compared with Ankor Wat temple complex from nearby Cambodia, Bagan stands apart in many facets. . . . If you love to experience human heritage, which is still untouched from the touristy trail, Bagan will blow your mind. We rented an e bike and scooted through the region at leisure, never having to worry about facing tourist groups. . . . The sunsets and sunrises in #Bagan shall blow your mind. However, the best view, so far, I have found in Bagan is crossing the river and hiking the hillocks on the opposite bank of #Irrawardi river. The panaromic view of Bagan is rightly considered a photographer's #treasure !

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a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: I was living in Bangalore as an MBA student when I embarked on the first trip! It was an overnight trip to Pondicherry. I actually made arrangement for someone to give a proxy on my behalf and took the early morning flight. Of course, Sayantan, my boyfriend had made all the arrangements! We laughed sipping on red wine, made sudden halts by the ECR road, binge ate fresh lobsters and fell in love. With the road and with each other as well! It all started from there!
b) What are your travel plans for 2019: It looks promising as far as extensive travel is concerned. I am going to start the year at Myanmar, followed by a quick trip to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. I am planning a trip to China by the end of the first quarter. Back in India, I am planning to visit the lesser known beaches of Karnataka, Kerala. Autumn in Kashmir has intrigued me for the longest time. It has to happen this year. I also have plans to visit Italy where my brother is studying at the moment and see a bit of Europe. Durgapuja in Kolkata is more like a homecoming for me! I plan to visit Murshidabad’s Nawab’s palace at the same time. The year is most likely to end in Iceland! That said, I will leave all plan and visit Africa at the drop of an eyelid if an opportunity arises! Oofs! 2019 sounds really exciting!
c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Be respectful of the culture, wherever you are visiting. Be respectable in your conduct with the locals too. Read up before you pay a visit.
d) Your favorite travel mantra: I think travel is the most important experience we may gather in a lifetime since everything else is transient.
e) About you: Madhurima Chakraborty is the author of the culturally immersive travel blog named Orange wayfarer. She is an MBA graduate and a corporate employee too. however, her long-cherished penchant for writing found a quick outlet through the blog Orange Wayfarer and she dreams to hit the road as a nomad soon.
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24) Mohit

a) What prompted you to go on your first travel journey: Everyone was in festive mood splashing water on each other. The air was painted in an array on colors and face no more recognisable. Well, It was the Indian festival of colors- Holi. After a long 5-6 hours of fun I was about to go for a nap and a thought clicked. Let’s go and wander and I shared the same thoughts with my cousin. And that’s it. An hour of sleep, gulping a cup of tea and we both were all set to head to the bus stop with destination not yet decided. Seeing busses plying to every possible direction we finally chose to hop on the bus to Jaipur. And that’s how random was my first journey.
b) What are your travel plans for 2019: This year is for my higher studies but alongside I would definitely make out time to explore New Zealand as much as possible and that too as a local. Have been eyeing for it and this time I have ample of time to wander around.
c) A piece of advice for all the Millennial travellers out there: Travel not because you want that insta perfect picture you saw in your feed but to soak in that essence in such a way that it ripples every time you feel down. And you will forget what being sad is like.
d) Your favorite travel mantra: Let loose and enjoy as it falls.
e) About you: “Mountains surround me and the first ray of sunlight falls right on my doorstep”. That’s how my day starts in my hometown — Haldwani. Haldwani is a small town on the foothills in Uttarakhand and enjoys pleasant weather all year round. I love it to an extent that even living for eight years in Delhi couldn’t change that. Prefers to explore the mountains more than bustling cities like Delhi and Mumbai and “I travel to give a treat to my eyes and soul, to rejuvenate me and my lungs”.
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