For every nature fan traveller, Bali has always been a destination to be travelled once in a lifetime. From amazing beaches to beautiful green mountains, Bali has it all. Moreover, being a destination which is cheaper than others, it adds on a top most list for every nature beauty admirer. So let’s check out the best places to visit in Bali

Kuta beach

Kuta Beach

It is a famous beach for parties. So if you’re planning to socialize a bit, Kuta beach is the best for you. A calm and peaceful beach for late night parties for an amazing experience is recommended. Also if you’re planning to throw a party at this beach, you can get along with local restaurants and they shall help you with the same. There also lays a very popular pub named Hard Rock Cafe besides this beach to spend the evening.

Mount Batur

Trekking at Mount Batur (Kintamani)

In the east of Bali lies Mount Batur caldera in Kintamani. Stretched up to 1700 meters, this is an active volcano mountain. Hence, it is pretty famous amongst the travelers for a trek to the summit. Many here plan for a sunrise trek which starts at 4 am and you can easily reach the summit by 6 am to see the sunrise. Considered as an easy trek, this active volcano mountain also has an amazing view from the summit. 

dolphins at melka hotel lovina bali

Dolphins at Lovina

For the dolphin sighting, one needs to visit Lovina Indonesia Liveaboard. A boat shall take you in the middle of the sea where you can see dolphins playing. Though the place might be quite crowded as it is a popular tourist attraction, you can plan up your visit early in the morning for a peaceful watch. Lovina also offers many bars and restaurants serving local traditional dishes and is pretty famous amongst the bagpackers. The live music played here also will make your evening special. 


Padang Gallak Temple (3)

Uluwatu Temple

Bali is very famous for its temple architecture. Uluwatu is a must visit temple in Bali situated in an island Bukit Peninsula. Bukit Peninsula is a place famous for the best beaches in Bali with an attraction of Uluwatu Temple. The temple itself is majestic in structure constructed in the 11th century. Being constructed on a steep cliff of about 70 meters, this temple shall give you goosebumps while you’re standing on the top of it. The view from the temple is beautiful and the fresh breeze out there shall just take all the stress away from your life. Normally people go to see the sunset from this point as it gives you mesmerising view of the nature. 

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot

Another popular pilgrimage destination is Pura Tanah Lot temple. Constructed by majestic rock formation one above the another, this temple provides cultural significance as it’s completely associated with the Balinese mythology. Pura Tanah Lot is one among the seven temples that form a ring in the southwest of this beautiful place Bali. Recommend to visit this temple during low tide so that you can walk across the water to go to the temple to have a completely experience of divinity. 

Future Fair Foundation

The popular Future Fair Foundation is one of the best restaurant one can find in Ubud. Here the entire profit earned goes to an NGO which provides free healthcare to the local poor people. Also here you can taste the best local food. Highly recommended and a must eat in Bali, this place is normally crowded and you might need to wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to get a table. 


Devdan Show

A must see show in Bali to understand the culture of this beautiful place is the Devdan Show. Performers wear colourful clothes and show dances of several regions of Indonesia. The dance shows normally last for about 90 minutes. The regions covered are Java to Papua, passing if Sumatra and Bali. The entire show is performed by every age group having an individual character. The dances mostly are in a soothing rhythm and have glimpses of acrobatics which even makes the show more interesting and breathtaking. 

It is advisable to do all the bookings in advance as Bali being very popular, there are many travelers every year. Bali Indonesia airport greets their visitors with utmost respect and a beautiful smile and hence you become a fan of this place the moment you step in.Hiring a vehicle to travel from one destination to another shall also be a smart move. 



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