Rishikesh is the place in India that has a few niche audiences and can’t be combined with usual categories of tourist attractions. Rishikesh is not just a hill station of astonish nor a temple town with immense spiritual energy and also not the town with vibrant nightlife, but it is the ultimate blend of all these abovementioned things and even more. 

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Rishikesh offers you with the glistering charm and views of serene Ganges and this holy river gush between the rocks to create ultimate rapids for adventure activities like river rafting. It is the city dotted with several temples, disseminating spiritual vibes and again there are many restaurants for the foodies, spas, other spots for teetotallers and for tourists seeking for rejuvenation and relaxation away from urban hell. 

Rishikesh is the tourist destination that has full spectrum of attractiveness to lure both the young and wild tourists and holiday making families and even elderly pilgrims. Below is the list of things that you must explore during your visit to Rishikesh.



River Rafting

River Rafting is the most common and popularly enjoyed adventure activity in Rishikesh by adventurous and young tourists. Rafting in the Ganges is truly an enthralling experience and it will take your nerves when you lash by the rapids of Ganges, gushing via the mountain rocks and more. River rafting and camping trips to Rishikesh are very popular and before opting for such tour ensure to check the River Rafting Price in Rishikesh. Stretches from Laksham Jhula to Kaudiyala and other 13 major rapids are popular for river rafting in Rishikesh. 

Rishikesh-Bungee- Jumping

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Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is another adventure activity that you must explore during your visit to Rishikesh. Scream your lungs out and experience the thrill when your heart beats faster to hyper drive while taking the leap of faith from height of mountain range. Kiss the gravity at best possible way, while losing all the bounds when you are above 80 meters from ground. Jumping Heights and Mohanchatti are the ultimate destinations to enjoy bungee jumping in Rishikesh.



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Camping and Bonefire

Yet another thing to explore during your visit to Rishikesh is camping with bonefire. When you are tired with the busyness of city life go for a camping tour in Rishikesh and give chance to your soul to relax and rejuvenate away from city chaos. Sit with candle lit mountain valleys in Rishikesh, breathe and sing with the moist breeze of calmness under stars and see river flowing calmly close to you. Shivpuri Valley Camp is considered to be the best camping site in Rishikesh.

The best time to go for camping tour in Rishikesh is between months of February to May and again from Sept to Nov. There are many camping sites to explore around Rishikesh. 

Body Surfing and Cliff Jumping

Adventure seekers have lots to do in Rishikesh. Prepare yourself for the most adventure activity in Rishikesh where you get chance to indulge in body surfing and cliff jumping. Cliff jumping is the risky sport and needs to be done under the supervision of experts. Mountain terrains combined with the biggest rivers of India delivers the adventure seekers with the ultimate place for cliff jumping experience.

Body surfing is the adventure sport which involves water. It is not very thrilling, but considered to be relaxing for your body. This sport can be enjoyed by beginners without any supervision and audiences. Instructors are there who will guide you for body surfing after your river rafting activity.

Ayurvedic Massage Spa

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Ayurvedic Spa and Massage

Rishikesh is considered to be the birthplace of Ayurveda and it is a Holy Grail when it comes to Ayurvedic massaging and relaxation. You can enjoy the tranquil and serene environment and perfect harmony between body and mind with the best Ayurvedic Massage that is offered at Rishikesh. This is the important thing to explore during your visit to Rishikesh. After a hectic day out and enjoying adventure activities, you must take an Ayurvedic Massage at one of the best massage centres in Rishikesh for complete relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and soul. Check the site of justbutmust.com to know the best places for Ayurvedic Massage in Rishikesh.

Hopefully you now have a different prospective and view of Rishikesh beyond the standard checklist. So, ensure to explore all these things during your next visit to Rishikesh.              

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Rishikesh _ Top 5 Things To Do For your Next Visit!



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