You do not need a huge bank balance or a premium credit card to travel the world. Yes, you do need money if you are going on holiday from Sydney to Brisbane, but if you plan wisely, you can do a lot by spending much less. Be it hotel stays, shopping, dining or exploring new locations, there are clever ways in which you can avoid spending your savings on frivolous activities. After all, the whole point of travel is to keep things as manageable as possible. This article gives you some useful pointers on how you can plan a traveling trip with a limited budget.

Opt for budget-friendly airlines

6 Quick Tips on How to Plan your Budget Trip



Don’t go by the reputation of most budget airlines. Many of them are doing a good job and once you are on board, it really doesn’t make a difference if you have to shell out a few extra dollars to get a meal or simply skip the meal altogether. In the more developed destinations like Europe or US, the service levels in the budget airlines are almost comparable with the most successful commercial ones. Another interesting thing about traveling by budget airlines is that there are many stopovers that let you experience other countries before reaching your destination.

Pick your destinations wisely

The romance with the traditional travel destinations is over. The generation of travelers who preferred well-planned travel experiences where everything was predictable have now retired. In their place are a breed of travelers who seek unique travel experiences that people know relatively less about. Think of places like Cambodia, Singapore or even Thailand. There is so much to explore here and cherish than those postcard places we have all seen or read about. Many of these places are not only less expensive but their travel procedures are less cumbersome. You’ll get good accommodation and travel options relatively easily.

Stay longer

Travel agents and tour operators mint money off the short-term traveler—those who plan two-week visits within the vacation or holiday season. Those who really save money by spending less are the long-term travelers who pay less for each day they travel than the short getaway traveler. They do so by exploring one particular location in detail instead of scampering from one spot to another, and paying additional visa and travel expenses in the process. Long-term stays cost less since hotels charge less per day for long stays, and you can experience the local culture at a deeper level.

Spend less on accommodation

When planning a budget trip, resist the urge to book the first hotel that comes to your mind. This will obviously be the most popular option and hence the most expensive. It is worth considering some of the less beaten paths. It might take more time to decide a budget-friendly accommodation for your family, but the savings will let you take part in more exciting experiences like heliskiing or bungee jumping. AirBnB is just one example of budget-friendly accommodation options that also give you the opportunity to meet new people and make friends from different parts of the world.

Avoid eating out

This is particularly true if you end up going to one of the traditional travel destinations in Europe or Africa. They charge high prices for dining so you will easily spend a large portion of your money on food. A better option is to rent accommodation with a cooking area and prepare your own food. If you do this in a group with other travelers, you will save even more. Or if you have a busy itinerary, pick up things from the local markets, shopping marts and grocery stores. Simple local snacks will keep you filled and give you the energy to explore the place.

Global freelancing


There are a host of career options nowadays that offer exciting opportunities for travel. If you are a travel photographer, consultant or even an English teacher, then you can easily find short-term working stints in some of the most exciting travel destinations like China, Shanghai, Korea and Turkey. You can work during the day and meet the local people to learn how they live and experience things from their perspective. At night, you are free to roam the streets and experience the cuisine, nightlife and shopping. 


Traveling does not have to be expensive. Gone are the days when traveling was a luxury only a few could afford. Nowadays, people travel as a means of personal fulfillment and to learn about the world they live in. It is more about experiencing things that are new to you instead of going to get what your friends or family have been raving about. Think of travel as a personal journey and you will not feel tempted to spend big bucks on the bells and whistles of flights, accommodation, dining and entertainment.


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