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Adventurous Couple Travels the World on a Journey to fulfill 100 Dreams

A Couple of Dreams is a Youtube Channel run by adventurous couple Ashley & Rotem. They are in India from last 2 months trying to fulfill 100 Dreams in India. Right now they are in Goa, and luckily I was also there for my family vacation and we got connected via Facebook Group. So, there I got a chance to interact and discuss about their journey in India. So, are you guys curious how this couple travel blogger travels the world, what are their favorite memory is and what her golden tips are for other travel bloggers?

a couple of dreams

Interacting with Rotem and Ashley in Goa.

What prompted you to come to India?

When we thought about what our next destination would be we wanted a place that would be completely new to us. New people, new culture, new food, new experiences. India was actually recommended by one of our Instagram followers and we started to look in to it, the day after we filled in our Visa application and when we arrived we fell in love with the people and decided to stay the whole year.

What are your travel plans for next year?

We are very excited to start exploring the South of India for a few months. We heard that Hampi is amazing, the back waters in Kerala and we hope to hit the beaches again for some surfing and Yoga. We also know that the South has some insane scenery in places like Vodaikanal

After celebrating Diwali in Goa and Bombay we realised how good the festivals are so we want to make sure we are in the North of India in time for Holi. 🙂 After that we will take our time exploring the beauty of the North. 


Couple celebrating their first ever Haldi in Mumbai

Rotem and Ashley celebrating their first ever Haldi in Mumbai

How is your travel experience till now in india?

Amazing!!! Almost everyday we are blown away by how kind and friendly the people are here. People offer their help, their home and pretty much anything we can think of with out any resistance. The scenery is stunning, the colours are breath taking and the food is just too good (we are not going to loose weight here, are we?)

What are your tips for other couple travel Bloggers visiting India?

Just come!!! Ignore all the negative comments and sterotypes that you might read online. India is amazing, travel friendly and has experiences and adventures for every type of traveller. Rotem always says that out of all the places we have travelled, she feels most at home in India.

Little bit About ( Ashley & Rotem )

We have been together for almost 4 years. We met in Israel, where Rotem was born and Ashley had been living in for 10 years. Rotem studied for 3 years in acting school and was a professional actress. She then went on to study for a degree in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology at BGU. Ashley studied Multi Media Technology in the UK before moving to Israel where he started a business providing professional film and photography to the tourism industry. 

During our first 2 years together we tried to see each other as much as possible but with studying, working and other worries we had long periods of time where we only got to be together for a few hours, when we were both tired, at the end of the day. We found every opportunity we had to travel, and after visiting 8 countries together it was obvious we have a strong shared love for traveling. When Rotem finished his studies we decided it’s about time we found some time for us. With a lot of things crashing around us, it became clear that life is too short, and we need to spend it with the person we love. We made a decision to leave everything behind and go on a journey. A journey that will allow us to grow as individuals and as a couple, a journey to meet new cultures and new people from all over the world. A journey to fulfil 100 dreams.

We decided to share what we are doing with the world because we think that there are a lot of couples and individuals like us that feel that they want to get more from life, that their dreams matter and that the power to change their path is in their hands – and they just need to have the courage to do it.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post. You can also follow there journey on Social networks.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmjtms9_KNJDecF6uqwls1g

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ACoupleOfDreams

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acodreams/



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