Every man deserves to feel pampered once in a while, and sometimes a simple upgrade to the daily regimen is all it takes to transform your grooming outlook. Whether he’s a bearded or a shaving aficionado, a skincare lover or coiffure connoisseur, these gifts will give him everything he needs to finish out the year looking and feeling his best.

Whiskers has a solution to all your requirements, from a neat beard to a stylish look, skin care or to pamper your hair, and for your tattooed chafe too. Whiskers product catalogue flaunts a niche collection of grooming products like beard oil, beard wash, face wash, face scrub, hair gel, hair serum and shampoo. 

Charcoal Face Wash

Charcoal Face Wash is an amazing fighter equipped with astonishing properties of activated charcoal that targets trapped impurities for deep cleansing. It removes excess oil and detoxes the skin naturally. It’s really effective in acne and pollution control, it is more influential than a basic face wash we use in our day to day life. Activated Charcoal has dynamic property of extracting impurities like bacteria, chemicals, poisonous pollutants, dirt and other micro-particles from the surface of the skin and rendering it deeply cleansed. 


Hair Gel


Fop Hair Gel is one of the best Hair gels on the market today manufactured using some of the best ingredients for your hair like Glycerin and Olive Oil. The special alcohol free formula along with essential natural ingredients provides a super strong hold all day long.


Beard Wash

Beard Wash is the best of all beard products available in the market. The goodness of Whiskers lies in its quality ingredients like pure almond oil, extracts of Aloe Vera and wheat germ oil. The regular usage of Whiskers makes your beard soft and manageable. The soft lather of this best beard wash helps in managing the brittle, frizzy and curly hair of the beard very well. With a great beard, you need to adopt mandatory precautions to keep your beard well-maintained. This is nothing less than a responsibility! A great beard over the ages is considered as a signature of masculinity and maturity. 



Face Scrub

Scrub to create a best quality face scrub for oily skin. The presence of natural ingredients gets it enlisted in the category of best face scrub in India. Crushed walnuts present in the Whiskers face scrub removes dirt, oil, blackheads, dead skin cells by exfoliation and give rejuvenating brighter skin tone hidden underneath the dead skin cells.

You can order there products from their official site: www.whiskers.in

Today various grooming products for men are available in the market. Now the time has gone when only women buy multiple cosmetics products for the better skin. To get an attractive look now grooming essentials for men are acting as a boon for men to get healthy skin. 


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