Hey Guys, This is my first participation in any kind of blogging train in the blogging sphere. I am glad that I have connected to Ila Varma on instagram, there she described me the whole concept and idea behind it. This is something pretty new to me, haven’t heard about this before. #SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva. Thirty six esteemed bloggers from diverse blogging niche have joined hands to participate in the Blog train for #SiblingTalk to revive the sweet and tickling hours spent with loving siblings and revive golden memories of the past.

One slap that left my ears ringing like a church bell, but I forgot about the pain in a few moments; still wells up my sister’s eyes whenever she speaks about that day.  Although, she won’t tell me directly, but I can hear her heart and read her eyes.

Siblings- A Wonderful Feeling.  This is what I would say when I have to talk about this locution, which actually means my world to me. I call it a feeling because I have felt all the sets of emotions that we humans can possibly have, with them and because of them.

The first time I was mocked, it was by my sisters, because I wrote a love letter to a crush. Can you imagine the amount of humiliation I suffered back then as nine year old egocentric kid! They read my letter before my cousins and each one of them laughed. I was extremely angered by what they did. I thought that I am going to tear off all my diaries and notebooks. I cried bitterly sitting alone, and then came a strong pat on my back. It was my elder sibling, who smiled and asked me to quieten myself.  Belonging to a joint family, we were all taught to respect our elders and not retaliate. So, I too held my emotions inside and listened to her. She called me by my pet name and said “If you cannot learn to take such things in a lighter vein, you would never be able to grow up. You would always remain this nine year old kid because the world is such, that it would mock you at every step. So learn to just laugh it off! Now buck up, you ass! Stop being such a cry baby. I hugged her, and she pulled my hair.

This was just one incident out of all the smiles that were preceded with bags full of tears and hard feelings. But they taught me mature with age, but be a child at heart. They taught me how to laugh like crazy people, how to dance like no one is watching, how to sing like I am the Rocker Pauper (not popper) of the train, singing ‘Tum to Thehre Pardesi’ for a living! There have been many contretemps with them that I could smooth en out just because they were kind enough to forgive me for my silly behavior.

I see them growing up each year, and I ask my close uncles and aunts “Why are they growing up so fast? It was just yesterday that I was crying because they slapped me or ripped off my furtive secrets publicly in the family. I miss being scolded every now and then. I miss being scared of being caught for lying.” I really do. Ok, I still get body shamed a lot by them, but that’s fun. It does not bother me anymore, because I know they don’t feel satisfied enough till they do that, neither do I. But I like it because I love the proud look in their eyes, when we walk together. Siblings is my first love, my teachers, mentors, my lifeline. I can’t imagine a moment without them.  Wish them all the happiness in the world and wish to annoy them till I live to be an old haggard man (Love, with an evil grin).

Sibling Stories

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