More than three months spent indoors owing to the lockdown due to worldwide pandemic, almost every one of us is coming out as a winner with some new skills, new thought process, change in habits, and self-discovery. This pandemic seems to be quite overwhelming with families getting enough time to spend with each other, understand each other’s emotional and professional quotient well, and quick fix the broken areas. I personally feel that this hard-to-find-together-time is the first-ever much-needed gift from the Almighty though the way is quite depressing but I believe that this pandemic will leave something good for everyone when it will fade away!

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We all are active on social media, we read news, get a little depressed about the number cases rising, and next, we read a story by one of our friends about his/her new hobby or a new skill or may be a regular workout session he/she has adopted; this story by our friend unexpectedly motivates us to treat ourselves better and do something good with our life! So, I feel that this is good that we are motivated when everything outdoors is so depressing.  

Social Media came as a rescue for many for the first few days but boredom prevailed as the lockdown extended. This lockdown came as a sudden break to the accelerated world. #WorkFromHome has now become the new normal, those random cooking sessions, TV sessions, and a chit-chat with long-forgotten friends bring the requisite #positivityinlockdown.

But we must not forget that this COVID-19 has become a reality check for everyone as well in the form of #pandemiclockdown2020. Work without maids, empty roads, roaming inside the home only, no meetings with friends, and no more hugs!

And who knew that the balcony views would be so pleasurable? 

Let’s cherish this time and pray together for everyone on the earth where Masks, Sanitiser and Gloves now own the new market and have become a necessity for a living!

This post is a part of the Blog train – THE PANDEMIC THAT CHANGED OUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN initiated by blogger Ila Varma  to bring the bloggers together to share numerous experiences of #PandemicLockdown2020.


The next post in the series is by one of my friend Judy Morris and I would like to specially thank you to Sabeeka Unea Lambe  for introducing me to this series of post hosted by Ila Verma





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  • Ila Varma says:

    Yes, Sumit, this pandemic has given us time to celebrate with ourselves and our near and dear ones. It is at times, depressing but it has opened our eyes to not ignore our health n keep oneself healthy n sound to fight against the deadly Covid19.
    It has been dreadful for those who have lost near and dear ones due to Covid 19 and the labourers who were running to reach their home state.
    Thanks for joining in. #pandemic2020

    • Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

      Though sometimes this pandemic and consequent lockdown keep us demotivated, it has some brighter sides as well. We have learnt to live happily with our family, cooking for them, spending time with the senior family members and all.

  • PraGun says:

    Well said, this hard to find together times certainly has taught us a lot and will leave a long-lasting impact once it fades away.
    And so true in these depressing times when a friend posts a positive activity or post, it surely has helped us stay positive and start trying something ourselves too.

  • Abhijit RAY says:

    Pandemic and accompanying lockdown has certainly changed our lives. Many things we used to take for granted are now out of bounds. We must learn from our experiences and try to change our lifestyle for better.

  • Alpana says:

    Lets cherish our living and lets cherish togetherness. Today, being with our family is the greatest happiness and satisfaction. Finding simple joys and enjoying them-pandemic has taught us and this lesson we will cherish forever.

  • Yes this is a hardest time for all of us and we all need to be patient to deal with it. Agree that initially it was enjoying experience to do various online things but now it becomes boring and we all want get back to normal routine soon.

  • You cheerful disposition and display of positivity is infectious! I am so glad that you chose to focus on this aspect of the pandemic and the lockdown, instead of the negative ones.

  • Judy Morris says:

    Yes actually this pandemic times, social media and internet, in general, proved to be such a boon. We connected with families and friends like never before.

  • Nehal Roy says:

    Learned so many new things during this tough time. Safely sitting at home we did so many things. and prayers for them who have faced very much tough time during this. Living with minimal requirements is the one major thing i learned. Great writeup dear.

  • Yes, it has been a reality check for the things we take for granted. If it continues after covid as well then there will no warning.

  • sneha says:

    Simple joys of life have become paramount. Thanks to lockdown and isolation. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. To make it sweet from bitter is on us and our perspectives.

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